10 Best Casual Slice of Life Anime Characters

There are a fair share of outgoing characters in slice of life anime, but some of the best characters are those who are calm and collected. It’s easy to remember the characters who stand out for their strength and exaggeration, but the slice-of-life characters with laid-back dispositions are just as important to the story and deserve their flowers too.

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Some slice-of-life anime feature introverted and introverted characters as the main protagonists, but other times they’re meant to serve as supporting secondary characters. Either way, it’s nice to see the occasional calm character demeanor to help balance out all of the wonderful personalities present in the slice of life anime.

ten Sakamoto keeps his cool no matter what (didn’t you hear? I’m Sakamoto)

Sakamoto is the male protagonist who commands attention in the hilarious Didn’t you hear? I am Sakamoto. Known for his blissfully relaxed personality, Sakamoto effortlessly makes those around him either green with envy or gush with admiration.

Sakamoto can remain calm no matter what position he is in. When presented with a task or problem, Sakamoto performs that task or solves that problem with ease. Those who dislike Sakamoto initially think he’s stuck, but he’s not. He just doesn’t get angry, which not only impresses his classmates, but even his teachers. Sakamoto’s lack of effort makes him one of the coolest laid back characters.

9 Mai’s relaxed disposition balances her friendships (Nichijou: My Ordinary Life)

Mai is one of the three protagonists of Nichijou: My Ordinary Life. She’s super laid back and calm, but she’s also smart and good at many hobbies. Although Mai’s friends are hilarious in a loud way, there’s no shortage of humor when it comes to Mai’s laid-back personality. She’s just as funny, but in a reserved way.

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Although Mai is as quiet as a whisper when she speaks, she is outspoken and speaks her mind. His calm voice and the way he stays calm during his friends’ extravagant antics make his laid-back demeanor very refreshing. Her quiet personality is the perfect balance among her friends.

8 Kou’s calm demeanor makes fans sympathetic towards him (Blue Spring Ride)

Futaba’s love interest Kou strikes fans as the calm and cool protagonist of Blue spring walk. As a high school student, Kou is surprisingly quiet compared to the other guys in his class. Although he’s pretty laid back, that doesn’t mean he’s devoid of feelings or incapable of forming relationships.

On the surface, Kou seems unapproachable, but Futaba brings out an endearing side to him. Kou acts like he doesn’t care about things, but it becomes clear there’s more to him than what he’s trying to show. Kou keeps her true feelings hidden due to her past, which makes fans sympathetic to her laid-back nature.

seven Kanade’s Quiet Personality Seems Almost Inhuman (Angel Beats!)

Kanade is one of the protagonists of The angel beats! Although she has abilities that make her a skilled fighter, she has a very placid personality. Kanade is so calm that fans wondered if she was human.

Unless spoken to first, Kanade will not talk or express interest. She remains alone, but she is able to open up and show that she is rather intelligent. Instead of losing her temper in difficult situations, Kanade always stays calm and shows how reliable she is when making plans. Knowing how to keep your cool makes Kanade an incredibly laid-back character.

6 Saiki’s Reserved Personality Keeps Her Secret Hidden (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Having supernatural powers that must be kept hidden means that Saiki must be an introverted individual in The disastrous life of Saiki K. As Saiki has abilities that he doesn’t want anyone to know about, he is quite a reserved student.

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Saiki remains silent and maintains a cold air to avoid any suspicion. However, he often needs to use his powers. When he does, however, Saiki stays calm to make sure no one knows of his involvement. Eventually, Saiki inevitably ends up making friends, but his personality remains subdued to hide his powers.

5 Ayanokoji doesn’t let anyone or anything bother him (Classroom Of The Elite)

Laid-back, stoic, and effectively lazy are words that perfectly describe Ayanokoji, the main protagonist of Elite class. Ayanokoji may be D-class, but it’s not because of his intelligence; he’s in the lowest ranked class because that’s where he wants to be. Fans come to see that he’s capable of so much more, as he knowingly cooks up plans with his classmates.

While Ayanokoji is capable of conspiring with others, he is only useful when his actions benefit him in the end. Staying true to himself as a direct and calm protagonist, Ayanokiji’s level-headed confidence makes him one of the most laid-back characters in slice-of-life anime.

4 Oreki’s calm demeanor suggests he only enjoys his own company (Hyouka)

Oreki, the protagonist of Hyouka, is a quiet high school student who prefers to conserve his energy. He prefers to do nothing unnecessary and has no interest in a typical high school social life.

Oreki’s desire to do the bare minimum makes him quite brutal. Whenever he’s forced to speak, he has no problem saying exactly how he feels even if his delivery seems a little cold. Being the calm type has its perks though. Since Oreki is so cold, he is able to observe rather than engage. An observant introvert is an excellent laid-back character.

3 Nozaki is a laid-back guy with a beautiful heart (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun)

Nozaki is Chiyo’s love interest for Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun. Nozaki is very easy-going, but he’s also quite oblivious as he has no idea that Chiyo likes him. He remains focused solely on his work as a manga artist and remains unfazed by anything else.

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Being a quiet individual with no real relationship experience makes it difficult for Nozaki to understand girls’ feelings, even though he writes shojo manga. He is talented, but his reserved nature does not help in real relationships. Luckily, he’s not a rude or stuck-up introvert like some laid-back characters. Nozaki is a nice guy who has a naturally calm temper.

2 Hanajima’s Quiet Behavior Works Perfectly Among His Loud Friends (Fruit Basket)

Hanajima is Tohru’s dear friend and classmate at Fruit basket. She also has psychic abilities that allow her to sense the waves that people in the area emit. She can also send out waves, which sometimes gives her classmates a weird feeling. Hanajima’s calm and laid-back poise perfectly matches who she is as a psychic and overprotective friend.

Although Hanajima’s character is sometimes portrayed as humorously scary, she is affectionate. Hanajima has a little brother whom she loves very much and she is like a mother figure to Tohru. While Hanajima’s often deadpan demeanor perfectly matches her psychic aura, her laid-back personality perfectly matches Tohru’s panicked state of mind.

1 Tanaka’s relaxed state of mind is a way of life (Tanaka-Kun is always apathetic)

Tanaka has one desire for one thing in life, and that is to relax. No matter where Tanaka is, whatever he thinks about is the most efficient way to release as little energy as possible. fans of Tanaka-kun is still apathetic thinks Tanaka’s personality is quite relatable.

Despite Tanaka’s adamant disposition, his friend, Ohta, helps him through everyday school life. Whether he needs to help Tanaka take off his gym uniform or carry Tanaka, Ohta is no fuss. Tanaka’s gentle presence is simply accepted for what it is. His commitment to laziness undoubtedly makes him one of the most laid-back slice-of-life characters.

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