10 best love relationships in cartoons

Anime romances are relatively easy to find, but not all of them get the title of being the best. The best cartoon relationships don’t have to be the ones that lasted the longest or were endgame, but had huge potential and promise.

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Not only that, but anime relationships have a wholesome quality about them. Even the most violent cartoons harbor the purest forms of cartoon love. Cartoon relationships come in all shapes and sizes, from relationships that haven’t quite reached the end to those promised from the start.

10/10 Mabel and Mermando are still together despite being worlds apart

In Gravity Falls, Mabel is continually shown looking for a boyfriend throughout the series. Most of the time she showed up, she came back with no love but with a story, but once she came back with both.

Mermando was a newt stuck in the city pool. He and Mabel just clicked. Their shared experiences of difference helped them bond, and Mabel ended up helping Mermando back into the lake. Also, according to the Gravity Falls: Journal 3 book, Mermando and Mabel are still together and have a long-distance relationship.

9/10 Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff proved there is love in bikini bottoms

Although their relationship comes in the form of sporadic scenes in Sponge Bob SquarePants, Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff definitely make for a fun couple to watch. With Mr. Krabs trying to win Mrs. Puff’s affection by ridding himself of his greed, it was definitely an interesting sight to see.

Even with Mr. Krabs’ contingency plans with SpongeBob to help him stop spending money, love seemed to have conquered all. Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff are seen together sporadically in the series and often in an affectionate and loving way.

8/10 Kim and Ron’s friendship presumably turned into love

Kim and Ron’s relationship was brought up several times throughout the show Kim possible, but did not become canon until the end of the third season. The beauty of them is that their development was incredibly natural and healthy.

Kim and Ron’s crushes on each other were true to their dynamic and authentic to high school kids’ lives. It was also nice to watch it unfold. The meeting friends trope can easily be seen as rushed, but Kim and Ron were the complete opposite.

7/10 Alya and Nino set the tone for more miraculous relationships

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is known for the promised relationship between Marinette and Adrien, but there is a beautiful relationship outside of those two.

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Alya and Nino know each other well enough to trust each other completely. Plus, they trust and know each other enough to immediately figure out each other’s superhero identities.

6/10 Star and Tom were mature enough to let go

Star and Tom’s romantic relationship in star vs the forces of evil had a great arc that unfortunately saw a conclusion. Of course, their relationship would find its end and make way for Star and Marco, but the progress and adventures between Star and Tom were just something special.

Tom wasn’t always a good boyfriend and Star legitimately broke up with him, but after Tom literally let go of his demons, he became a better man. Star and Tom were great for each other until they weren’t. Their relationship ended gracefully, with both parties realizing they just weren’t meant to be.

5/10 Danny and Valerie’s moment together had a lot of potential

Danny from Danny Ghost would still end up with Sam Manson, but the show missed its mark by letting Valerie go too soon. Valerie and Danny were together very briefly, but the dynamic between a half-ghost and a ghostbuster has already created an interesting setup.

With Valerie’s ghost-hunting abilities manipulated by Vlad Masters, Danny’s nemesis, as well as her hatred of ghosts for ruining her life, made her extremely compelling, especially as Danny Phantom’s other half. . In short, Danny and Valérie had plenty of stories that could have been explored but were cut short.

4/10 Amity and Luz were perfect halves from the start

Amity and Luz from The owl house first started on rocky ground. They were essentially one-sided rivals, but their rivalry would later turn into a friendship, and that friendship would become something more.

Luz’s loving personality ultimately attracts the same from Amity. Amity is generally known for her closed nature, but when it comes to Luz, her feelings pour out of her. Even before they shared their first kiss, fans knew Amity and Luz would be an epic couple.

3/10 Aang and Katara’s love blossomed despite the dark times

Avatar: The Last Airbender showed a war between the Fire Nation against everyone. The oppressive nature of the Fire Nation has resulted in countless death and suffering, but a flower has somehow blossomed from the cement.

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Aang and Katara fell in love despite the wrath of the world. Their friendship turned romance was a beautiful sight to behold as it was the promise of a better world. The war waged around Aang and Katara made their love not only deserved but also beautiful.

2/10 Catra and Adora struggled, but their love endured

Catra and Adora from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power were best friends. They grew up with shared experiences but also fell apart. They split so drastically that they even became enemies in the Etheria War.

Catra and Adora’s personal struggles, coupled with their strained relationship, made their romantic conclusion a breath of fresh air. Princesses have always used love as a means to fight their battles, but Adora and Catra’s romantic love spelling the end of Horde terror was absolutely brilliant.

1/10 Harley and Ivy’s love is beautifully chaotic and messy

The relationship between Harley and Ivy in harley quinn was immediately a bomb. Their relationship started off rocky, but by season 3, their love shone brightly. The show highlights the differences between Harley and Ivy and portrays them as strong individuals who are also in love.

At all times Harley and Ivy are allowed to fight but not to hate each other. Many media relations struggle to draw the line between banter and resentment, but Harley and Ivy know where that line is. Harley and Ivy love each other’s chaos and their own in equal measure.

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