10 real romantic love stories that will make your heart burst

Whether it’s the way your grandpa knocked your grandma down or the time your ex kissed you under a shooting star, really nothing in life can warm a heart like good romantic love stories at home. ‘Ancient. What makes these stories so heartwarming, of course, is the fact that they actually happened. They’re not your favorite romantic comedy, and they’re not a figment of anyone’s imagination. They really happened. And the fact that they actually happened gives us all hope that maybe – just maybe – real romance isn’t just for movies. It could be for us too.

I mean, let’s face it. Do you remember when Monica proposed to Chandler? Remember when Jim made Pam that teapot full of all their jokes? Remember when Chuck flew to Paris to pick up Blair’s favorite macaroons? Of course, I can’t forget that Noah wrote Allie every day for a year. You get the picture. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen a lot of scripted romantic gestures. And sometimes it can be hard to remember that true love isn’t just the stuff of fairy tales.

If you’re feeling a little skeptical, do yourself a favor and read this list of real romantic moments from real women on Reddit.


He regularly organizes sentimental surprise parties

I noticed in our shared calendar that my boyfriend made plans just labeled “date” three days out of a completely random week. When I asked him the question, he simply said “you’ll see”. One day he took me out to dinner and to a concert. The next date was dinner and a show with a comedian he remembered I had mentioned I liked once years ago. Another day he took me to see a live classical orchestra.

Why did he do this? Was it a grand romantic gesture? No, he just saw events he thought I would like, bought tickets and put them on my calendar without worrying that they all came together at around the same time or the outcome final is that I’m spoiled rotten like a week in a row. Every two months, a new mystery night appears in my calendar. Like for four years.

Unsurprisingly, I adore this man. he says he is not romantic, i disagree.


They went swimming on a deserted beach

A random trip to the beach at night with my then girlfriend (I’m also a woman). The beach was deserted so we decided to go for a swim and it turned out there was phytoplankton (little blue glowing algae creatures) in the water that night and also a full moon. Everything was just brilliant and beautiful. I watched my girlfriend walk naked through the water which left a glowing blue trail behind her. She then threw water in the air, and the shiny water flowed over her body, making her sparkle slightly and look so delicious. We had fun in the water splashing around a bit and kissing. We ended up trying to have sex on the shore but the sand was spreading everywhere so we decided to take him back to the car and the sex was going so well until the police showed up. We had to scramble for our clothes and didn’t manage to get dressed until the cops were by the backdoor smiling and asking us what we were doing. They lit the vehicle and told us we had to leave. It was a great memory.lol


He interrupted their conversation to express a sweet thought

My boyfriend and I, about 6 months into our relationship, were sitting in a gym in the jungle late at night talking about everything and he just stopped talking and said “I’m going t ‘marry”


He wraps her in a blanket as soon as she gets cold

Honestly just me saying “I’m cold” and my boyfriend immediately and enthusiastically got up to grab me a blanket and drape it over me and put it around me and then cuddle me and warm me up. Made me feel so happy and loved


They had a surprise marriage proposal in Venice

When my SO planned a surprise trip to Italy and proposed to me in Venice. Easily one of the best weeks of my life.



They had a movie-worthy ice skating date

He bought me ice skates. We had only ice skated once about a week before in the city. He used to play hockey so he was really good I had only ice skated once before and that was years ago so he had to pull me around the rink. It was a beautiful night. A few days after that he started making fun of my feet, telling me how HUGE they were, only to try to find out my shoe size so he could buy me the ice skates. I can’t describe it in words, it was so precious and so unexpected. Always together, it’s been a year this month, and with ups and downs, I’m so glad we’re together.


They shared their first kiss under fireworks

My first kiss with my ex was on Canada Day night, so we relaxed under blankets on a rock climbing wall, under the stars and kissed while the fireworks were on. It was kind of a pretty strong movie scene.


He drove three hours to cheer her up

I was going through a really, really terrible time, and my boyfriend (at the time) drove for three hours and across an international border to see me for a few hours just to cheer me up before he had to turn around -turn and return to get to work on time the next morning. I didn’t ask him to do this, he just wanted to see me. He also bought me a pair of the most ridiculous sparkly red shoes that I admired in a store when we were together. It was a silly gift and thoughtful gesture that I desperately needed at the time. He was a really nice guy, but life just didn’t work out for us together, probably the nicest person I’ve ever dated.


He rode her around San Francisco on his bike

Riding on the handlebars of an old bicycle, while my boyfriend drove me through San Francisco very late at night, bar-hopping. Full moon, gorgeous night, seeing all the little things of street life that you miss if you’re in a car. It was calm and surreal and simply luscious.


He reassured her at her lowest point

My husband and I were engaged at the time, but waited to announce it until a specific event. We were in the car, heading to Red Robin for dinner. Finances and life in general had been tough lately, and I just sighed and said life would be so much easier once we moved in together and shared the finances and had two adults to manage housekeeping and all the sometimes crappy stuff that goes with it. I was so nostalgic.

He took my hand, squeezed it and kissed it and said “it’s gonna happen”.


BRB, I need to go to the hospital for my bursting heart.