15 Saddest Moments From Attack On Titan

Get your tissues ready, because these are the most heartbreaking moments in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan has given us some of the most epic and badass moments in anime history. Not to mention the coolest titan fights, as well as divine Levi’s titan slaying scenes, viewers continually invest their own share of laughs and tears in this incredible epic.

In case you missed it, we have already compiled a list of top 10 funniest anime moments, but this time we have compiled the 15 Saddest Moments From Attack On Titan which we are sure will traumatize you and that tears were streaming down your face. Prepare your tissues, because Maroon 5 will not be there to wipe your eyes.

Warning: Heavy spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk. It also contains details of some of the anime’s mass deaths.

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  1. Niccolo discovers that Gabi shot Sasha

    It’s really heartbreaking for Nicolo to know that Sashathe girl who taught him so many things in Heaven, was shot by gaby. Unaware of how affectionate Niccolo is towards Sasha, Gabi proudly tells Niccolo that she shot Sasha. Much to Niccolo’s dismay, he attacks Gabi and Falcon.

    For Niccolo, he had only Sasha. He didn’t care about anything or anyone, not even his identity as a Marleyan soldier. He doesn’t come to his senses until Sasha’s father talks him out of it. If Sasha hadn’t died, they would have been great together.

  2. Armin or Erwin?

    The decision to choose between saving the life of Armin on Erwin is one of the most difficult times for Levi. He has the responsibility to choose which weighs over the other for the freedom of mankind.

    At first, Levi decides to allow Erwin a second chance at life. However, even as death nears, Erwin rejects the titan serum by raising his arm. Maybe for Erwin his fight is already over, but for Armin it has only just begun. It is indeed painful to watch, not to mention Eren and Mikasa’s plea for Levi to save Armin instead.

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  3. Arc of the Battle for Trost

    The first real battle for the survey body was the one held at Trost. This is where it all starts to fall apart. The scouts had a leg in their grave.

    It’s painful to see certain characters start dying one after another. This includes the death of TThomas Wagner and mina carolinanot to mention star-crossed lovers, Francois Kefka and Hannah Diamond. We watched them together during practice, hoping the Titans would never return.

    The most heartbreaking moment is the scene in which Hanna attempts to bring Franz to life by performing CPR. She asks Armin for help. He falls in shock when he sees that Franz has been beheaded.

  4. Grisha Yeager’s past

    Animated shows Grishahappened just before going to Heaven. He tells his story as a young, naive Grisha who doesn’t understand how the Marleyans treat them the way they are.

    One day, Grisha, with her sister fay, passed through the internment area after an airship caught their eye. Unfortunately, the Public Safety Officers see them. Young Grisha is punished as her sister has been taken away. In case you missed it, Faye was chased by the officers’ watchdogs.

    Since they were Eldians, the only thing his family could do was apologize. In Grisha’s mind, her family has abandoned their fate. His unfortunate fate did not end there, as he later married Dina Fritz and had Zeke. Zeke betrays his parents and hands them over to the Marleyans. Dina is transformed into the Smiling Titan and Grisha begins a new life in Paradis.

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  5. Hanna’s death

    We all know that Hannes is the uncle Eren never had. Mikasa, Armin and Eren had a very close relationship with Hannes because he witnessed how the three grew up. As a result, their bonds with each other are extremely personal.

    In Season 1, Hannes tried his best to redeem himself through revenge. Carl. However, he dies at the end. It was a painful scene for Eren and Mikasa as they considered Hannes to be their only remaining parent. You did well, Hannes.

  6. Letter from Ymir to Historia

    Ymir and Historia have a very close relationship. They support each other in everything they do. However, Ymir’s doom is yet to come. Although she managed to protect Historia, she must stay away from her to protect her from dangerous situations. She has no choice but to leave Historia.

    On that note, Ymir’s last letter to Historia is very affectionate and touching. Its content is imbued with Ymir’s love, trust and compassion for Historia. Although they miss each other, they both know how deep their connection is. Possibly in an alternate universe, Ymir is with Historia.

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  7. Eren hates Mikasa

    Pain, rejection and mourning. These words describe one of the most powerful scenes in Attack on Titan. Eren, all stoic and apathetic, tells Mikasa that he has hated her since childhood.

    What is more painful than your beloved, the one you cherish the most, your everything, who says unbearable things to you? Even Armin can’t believe that Eren is the one who said those hateful words to them. What could be sadder than our beloved trio turning on each other?

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  8. Get rid of corpses

    To evade the titans during Season 2’s Outer Wall Expedition, Levi orders the soldiers to dump their comrades’ corpses to slow down the oncoming horde of titans. If you watch it without shedding a tear as Petra Ral’s corpse rolls around, then congratulations. You are a badass.

    It is one of the saddest moments in the history of the Scout Regiment that will not only make them question their morals, but will also haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  9. Murder of Mikasa’s parents

    Of course, it’s sad to see that Mikasa’s parents were murdered at an early age. She was once an innocent, naive girl with no remorse in her heart. However, her destiny is to walk the path of heartbreak, harsh realities, and even death.

    One might wonder, what if Mikasa’s parents weren’t dead? How will she grow? Can she awaken her potential as Ackerman?

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  10. Return to the village of Conny

    The village of Conny was infested with titans. Or so we thought. When he returns, he sees an Abnormal Titan lying above his house. The shocking element here is that the lying titan looks just like his mother.

    Conny drops her speculations about the lying titan in hopes that her family, loved ones, and the rest of the villagers have escaped. Unfortunately, in the end it is confirmed that Conny’s mother and the lying titan are the same.

  11. Mark’s death

    Mark’s death will forever be remembered as one of the greatest betrayals in anime history. He is a pure and caring soul who puts others before himself. As the saying goes, betrayal doesn’t come from your enemies, it comes from your friends and loved ones.

    On that note, Annie, Bertold and Reiner betraying Marco when he accidentally discovers the true identities of Marley’s three warriors.

  12. Death of Levi Squad

    Levi has been through a lot. He witnessed the death of his childhood friends, classmates and, of course, his beloved Levi Squad.

    the Death of Levi Squad takes a heavy toll on our hearts because we grew to love them in previous episodes where they protect Eren, even at the expense of their lives. Their characters and personalities are also well accepted by fans.

    Everyone wants Levi to be happy, and killing his team doesn’t help. Aside from their brutal deaths at the hands of the Female Titan, the only good thing that came out of it was that we saw Levi and Mikasa fight the Female Titan together.

  13. Sasha’s death

    Sasha’s death will always remain in the books. If fans are lucky enough to revive someone in Attack on Titan, Sasha will surely top the charts. Sasha has been with us since the first season of the anime, and it’s sad to see her go.

    His death will be remembered as one of the most heartbreaking moments in anime. The internet even went down due to his untimely death. We can’t blame the fans though, as Sasha is one of the show’s most beloved characters.

    Not only does she lift her friends’ spirits, but she also inspires them to have a more carefree and positive outlook on life. For everyone else, Sasha is the silver lining of anime’s harsh reality. Rest in peace, potato girl. Left too early.

  14. Erwin’s death

    Sasageyo! Charge, my soldiers! Offer your hearts! We lack Erwin Smith many. In fact, he is the embodiment of the Wings of Freedom who has contributed all of his years to researching the outer walls. Indeed, he played a huge role in advancing mankind’s knowledge of the titans.

    When Erwin died, Hange Zoe took responsibility, while Armin became the intellectual. However, Erwin’s aura and his leadership disappeared. Also, the feelings aren’t the same at all, so it’s sad to see him go.

    It felt like Erwin had the power to unite everyone, but now that he’s dead, that kind of feeling is gone too. You will forever be in our hearts, Erwin.

  15. Carl’s death

    Episode 1 of the anime traumatizes us as we watch Carl’s death as she gets eaten by the Smiling Titan. It was a heartbreaking and grueling act that will haunt us forever. As a mother, he is very sad that she cannot see Eren grow up and be there with him whenever he needs her.

    As Carla’s son, it is painful for Eren to grow up in a world where his mother is nowhere to be found. What’s even sadder is that Carla’s true feelings were shown right before she was devoured by the titan. In fact, she didn’t want Eren, Mikasa and Hannes to leave her behind. She realized she had so much to do for Eren.

That’s it. Were you emotional watching some of the saddest moments in anime? Well, you are definitely not alone.

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