3 zodiac signs so far If you’re looking for unconditional love, then hold on


After another disappointing login, you scroll mindlessly through your phone, considering deleting your Tinder profile again. From annoying texts to outfit choices, casual dating can be tiring. You’re exhausted from “sewing your oats” (whatever that means) and you’re ready to find something real with someone you know cares about. Do you dare to say it? You are looking for a serious, lasting and monogamous relationship. If you’re ready for someone to really go far with, knowing the zodiac signs by now if you’re looking for unconditional love can be a great place to start.

While every relationship is different, it can be important to know that your partner is supportive of you. Whether you need emotional support during a tough time at work or school, or are looking to really build a life with someone, knowing your boo is there for you can make all the difference. Whatever your brand, long-term partnerships require communication and transparency.

Whether it’s helping you overcome conflict or giving you the space to be yourself, when these three signs fall in love, they do it with all their hearts. Here are three signs of the zodiac who love their partner, no matter what.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

When it comes to falling in love with someone, the steadfast Taurus goes all-in. Not the type to “turn things around” or change your mind, when this bull builds a serious romantic relationship with someone, it’s forever and ever, no matter what. While some may characterize Taurus as stubborn, the loyalty of this earth sign can never be questioned. If they have chosen to be your partner, they will be by your side for years to come, loving you unconditionally forever. Taurus will lead their relationships and take full care of their partner, even in times of conflict or unease.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Tender Cancer is all about acceptance. With a big heart and a ‘come as you are’ mentality, they can see their partner for who they really are. In fact, they love them all the more for it. A sign of the homebody, Cancer wants their romantic partner to feel like family. Loyal and devoted, this crab will love you endlessly, hoping to take care of you for a long time to come. Ultimately, this water sign wants to be nurtured and loved on its own, and is happy to unconditionally care for someone in the hopes of forming a strong and powerful bond.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

While they can be slow to commit, fire sign Sag likes it with an open mind and open heart. Optimist and risk taker, Sag will always bet on their partner and will offer their whole soul to the people they love, without being too careful. Adventurous and independent, the Archer understands that people need their space, and they will be happy to give their partners tons of freedom in their relationship. Not holding grudges, Sag will be able to let go of the little things, allowing them to love their partner unconditionally. And when conflict inevitably arises, Sag will be great to walk past it.