30 romantic love memes to let your partner know you care

When you’re in love, you want everyone to know how you feel. You want to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone. But most importantly, you want to keep reminding your lover of your feelings. While words and texts are great, sometimes it’s not so easy to say how you feel, especially for us guys. That’s where memes come in. Love memes are a fantastic way to let your partner know that you’re really, madly, deeply in love with them.

Sending your other half a romantic or funny love meme lets them know you care in the most loving way. It’s a fun and special way to let your love know that you really can’t get enough.

The internet is full of romantic love memes that you can use to bombard your partner. We’ve selected 30 of the best to showcase your sentiments.

1. I remember the first day


Let’s start with a love meme that she will surely appreciate. This meme is great to send to your true love and remind them how much you fell in love with them the moment you saw them for the very first time.

2. I miss you when my eyes are closed


your tango

This one is a little sloppy but your loved one will be all about it. A great love meme.

3. Who doesn’t love dogs?



You can’t go wrong sending a picture of a cute dog to your girlfriend with some extra text explaining how much you love her. She’s sure to find this extremely romantic love meme.

4. The love of tomatoes


your tango

This cute and romantic love meme is a tomato pun that will bring some laughs along with the love.

5. True love


your tango

It’s a fun love meme that lets your partner know that even if they’re not naked, you still love them very much.

6. Make them smile forever



Does it get any more romantic than this love meme? Wanting your better half to smile for the rest of their life and be happy is about as dumb as it gets. Relationship memes like this are sure to put a smile on your partner’s face.

7. And I will always love you



There’s nothing better than using song lyrics to profess your love, with this meme incorporating the classic cover of Whitney Houston and some lions to show your love.

8. I love you so much


some cards

Maybe not the most romantic language, but it’s a simple meme that says it like it is.

9. The first and last thing that worries me



Little explanation is needed for this love meme. Love quotes like this are exactly how you remind her of the love between the two of you.

10. One for kitten lovers



If dogs are your partner’s thing, how about cats? This is another romantic and cute love meme featuring a kitten kissing another kitten’s head. Adding the words “I love you, always and forever” lets your wife know how much you care about her.

11. I want to be your last



Who has to be first when you can be last? Love memes like this really drive your feelings for that special someone in your life.

12. Nine Lives



Cute love memes don’t get much cuter than this one. Not only does it feature a kitten, but it shows that you want to spend all nine lives with your partner. It’s a cute meme that she will post on her Instagram story to make her friends jealous.

13. Every day I fall more and more in love with you, wait until yesterday


your tango

Funny memes like this are both affectionate and laugh-worthy. No relationship is perfect and there will always be days when you are frustrated with your partner. But that doesn’t mean you love them any less.

14. I love you like Kanye loves Kanye


your tango

There is no greater compliment you can give your girlfriend than sending her this meme. Everyone knows how much Kanye West loves himself, so if you feel the same way about your wife, she needn’t worry. It’s a hilarious meme that will charm your partner while making her laugh.

15. Play with your demons



Love memes like this are a great way to share how you feel about your partner. The use of the classic television couple Frankenstein and Lily of The Munsters and Gomez and Morticia Adams of The Adams family is a great way to highlight this meme.

16. I love you, I love you, I love you


your tango

This great meme references the classic Christmas movie Elf. It’s a fun meme that’s sure to leave your partner feeling blessed.

17. Social Media Love


your tango

If you’re not going to social media to proclaim your love for your partner, do you really love them? This is another great love meme that is both funny and cute and sure to impress all your lovers and all of his followers.

18. I love you


Monkey Memes

If you want to combine Valentine’s Day with saying “I love you”, this is a great meme that anyone would love to receive.

19. False. I love you more


your tango

Dwight Schrute is known for correcting Jim Halpert in Office. This meme is inspired by Dwight and his use of the word “wrong” and lets your partner know you love them more.

20. You are the most amazing person



Cute puppy. Check. Sappy text. Check. I love you. Check. Everything you need for a romantic meme.

21. I don’t usually say I love you…


your tango

Taking the “World’s Most Interesting Man” meme and applying it to your love life creates this hilarious love meme.

22. Hello Beautiful


I like this photo

Say hello to her while letting her know you think she looks beautiful with a meme like this. Using Nicolas Cage’s beaming smile is sure to make her fall even more madly in love with you. Romantic memes don’t get much better.

23. I love you and I will never let you go


your tango

More kittens, this time one hugging the other to show how much they care. If love memes like this don’t work, your partner is heartbroken.

24. There is no king without his queen



This meme is very true. Behind every great man is a great woman, and without these lovely ladies in our lives, we would be nothing. Let your queen know that without her you are not king. She will love it.

25. You are the cutest person in the world.

Let SpongeBob tell your partner how you feel with this sweet SpongeBob meme. If your girlfriend loves Bob and his friends, she will surely love this meme.

26. Smell my farts


your tango

Depending on your definition of romance, this meme is either super sweet or super funny. Either way, this is a great love meme to send to your other half.

27. I love you Message



If you’re struggling to put your feelings into words, this bunny meme is one way to go. Your girlfriend will no doubt approve.

28. This Genuine Love



This is another fantastic love meme that’s a little cheesy but shows how much you care. The use of Rami Malek is odd but it works, with his goofy expression resembling that of a madman in love.

29. I am amazed when I look at you



Another word heavy meme that is sure to make your partner blush. This super romantic meme is all about realizing you have everything you need in front of you. Swoon.

30. I’m in love with you all



Let your lover know all the things you love about him while reminding him that you love him for who he is. It’s a great meme that compliments them while telling them how much you care and love them.