5 signs of obsessive love

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Through Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

June 3, 2015

Signs of obsessive love can be seen even in a budding relationship. Obsession is often mistaken for overly caring nature in a new relationship. However, it is much more than simple concern or possessiveness. In fact, it’s a serious bell for issues that could affect your life forever.

Obsession is a form of psychological problem that causes a person to behave in a compulsive manner. An obsessive relationship can start like any other business with a few surprises or lunch dates.

Dealing with a possessive husband

However, after a certain period of time, you will find that your lover gradually takes you away from each of the things that are precious to you. Over time, you start to feel lonely and suffocated under the constant watch of your obsessive partner. Top 5 Signs of Obsessive Love can be read in the article as they will help you relate the symptoms you might be experiencing.

Things we need in a relationship

While there are no definite signs of obsessive love, there are some distinct characteristics that distinguish an obsessive person binding you in such a relationship would certainly have some of the characteristics that make you uncomfortable.

5 signs of obsessive love

The first of the 5 signs of obsessive love is the use of violence. It may not always be verbal or physical; instead, an abusive lover often inflicts emotional and mental abuse on the partner by cornering him for a long time.

Obsessive love can justify the initial stages of abuse like love, attention, and possessiveness, but ultimately forcing one’s will on the other partner by taking on the role of the dominant partner.

5 signs of obsessive love

More possessiveness
Second, on the list of 5 signs of obsessive love is the act of possessiveness gone wrong. Obsessive love is generally more possessive of their partner than the usual relationship.

They believe that they hold some type of birthright over their partner and have an eternal duty to protect them. this excessive possessiveness could also lead to abuse when denied certain aspects of the relationship, such as a touch of intimacy or the inability to follow certain instructions.

5 signs of obsessive love


Isolation is an important aspect in the list of the 5 signs of obsessive love. Their obsessive partner jams the normal partner leading to isolation. They dislike the normal partner’s interaction with anyone and try to savor any bond that might mean sharing even with family members.

Isolation can often be depressing for the normal partner, as every human being is a social animal who needs healthy connections with the outside world in order to survive.

5 signs of obsessive love

Too many surprises
If you find that your partner is making sudden surprise visits just to check on you, then you are on the list of 5 signs of obsessive love. Start looking for others as they might be there too and have gone unnoticed for a long time.

Normal surprises are a part of every relationship, but these surprises shouldn’t be planned to check out the other partner.

5 signs of obsessive love

Lack of personal space and time
Each individual needs a certain personal space and time to grow in a healthy way. However, in the case of obsessive love, the dominant or obsessive partner kills this space and time in order to control every moment of the other person’s day.

Article first published: Wednesday June 3rd, 2015, 4:04 PM [IST]

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