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Messages of love for her and him contain the warmest and tenderest words of affection, kindness and care. If you find it difficult to phrase your thoughts in a beautiful and concise speech or poem, use the following love messages for inspiration.

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Write kind words to your loved one more often. There are thousands of such words around the world, but it’s up to you to decide which ones are allowed to use. With the help of such confessions, you can express your most intimate, cordial, open and frank dreams and fantasies. Your relationship will become more open, honest and sincere.

Love messages for her

Love messages for her
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  • I want to feel your body, hear the silence of your thoughts. Honey, I’m sad without you.
  • When you finish reading this text message you will know that there is a girl in this world who needs you so much that she cannot even imagine her life without you.
  • I’m not asking for anything supernatural. I just want you to always be by my side.
  • Honey, I can’t even imagine life without you. You are my most precious pearl in the world.
  • You are the light of my world, the music in my heart and the first thought of my new day.
  • In the path of your heart, there is nothing that can stop me. I am happy that one day you will be mine forever!
  • I need you like air and water, without you there is no life, but emptiness.
  • You are more beautiful than a rose, generous and kind, and you alone have me.
  • You are everything to me, and more, you are the one for whom I live and breathe.
  • You are a perfect baby. I’ve dreamed of you all my life!
  • You are the miracle created by the universe. My heart stops in admiration.

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Romantic love messages
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  • I can’t forget your incredibly beautiful eyes! They pierce my heart like fire.
  • No one could ever be compared to you! You are the most amazing, cute, kind and desired girl.
  • You are my perfection, infinitely desirable and always chic, and I am eternally yours.
  • There is nothing in the world more beautiful than your smile and the radiance of your eyes! I want to be with you every day of my life.

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  • Joy, happiness and meaning have entered my life with you. You are the main thing in my life.
  • I love you as you are. Thank you for your feelings and care, my darling.
  • My day without you is empty, and it doesn’t make sense. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  • My life is filled with happiness with you. My heart will always be yours, my only one.
  • I can’t imagine my life without you. I will make you the happiest in the world.
  • You are my sunshine baby. Your spiritual warmth has melted the ice in my heart.
  • You are only a goddess! Incredibly beautiful and very soft. Sweet kisses.
  • I need you every second, minute, hour, day and night. We found ourselves among millions, and I will never lose you!
  • I look forward to our next meeting to tell you how much I need you darling!
  • I want to be with you always, to protect you. You take my breath away baby.

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Love messages for him

love sms
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  • To meet such a fantastic guy is a real gift for me. You stir my soul, and now every day I dream and think about you. Please be with me always, honey!
  • You are the embodiment of honor and courage. I melt in your hands like a candle, igniting with incredibly soft touches. I want to enjoy your arms endlessly, feel your warmth with my whole body.
  • Before I met you, I didn’t believe that feelings could be more beautiful and brighter than those depicted in old novels. It seems to me that I have embarked on a fairy tale and you are a noble knight that all girls dream of!
  • Spending my life with you is great. When you are near my heart begins to beat more often and the soul is filled with a fantastic feeling of joy and pleasure. I feel like a princess, with you, because you can make life so fabulously beautiful.
  • My soul had found its quiet home when you appeared in my life.
  • My rapid heartbeat is a reward from above, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!
  • The look in your eyes is like a daydream to me – joyful and beautiful!
  • When I get thoughtful, my dreams flow to this world, where only you and I are together!
  • I don’t need miracles, because the main magic in my life has already happened – you appeared there!

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  • There are beautiful flowers in my soul and everything that happened because you gave me such a feeling as love!
  • I am so happy to be able to kiss my favorite lips and drown myself deep in your eyes!
  • From early morning until late at night, my thoughts are always for you with you, my cute little boy.
  • You are endowed with an exceptional ability to care for and give your woman joy and a feeling of happiness in everyday life.
Love messages for him
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  • I enjoy every minute spent near you, my perfect!
  • With the memory of you, I become happy as a child.
  • I immediately recognize your giggles among all, because I hear my favorite voice with my heart!
  • Neither gold nor diamonds will be enough for me to give up taking care of you, my little lion!
  • The edge of the world is no distance to my loving heart when its second half is far away.
  • You are my best dream come true, and I really need you!
  • I might not be an angel, but I fly in the sky when I look into your beautiful eyes.
  • Honey, you are as sweet as the taste of wild honey on your lips!

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i love texting for her
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  • Every day that you are not near me is like torture. I miss you baby.
  • If you are not near me then tears come to my eyes. I really miss the person dearest to my heart!
  • I think of you every hour, reminding myself of how happy we are together. I miss you and look forward to seeing you!
  • You spend so much time on your job, and I understand that, but there is nothing I can do with my feelings – I miss you incredibly!

What could be better than a pleasant text message received from a loved one? Love is such a wonderful feeling! Do not hesitate, show your sweetheart how much you love him by sending him beautiful messages of love for him and her with sweet words.


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