Bachelor in Paradise 2022 – Michael shocks his girlfriend with a sudden split – but fans have already chosen who he should date next

TONIGHT’S Bachelor in Paradise left fans stunned as Michael called it quits on Sierra.

The fan favorite said he was still learning how to move on from his late wife and that Sierra was moving too fast for him.

He didn’t want to hurt her, he said, so he wanted them to be friends.

Sierra was crushed, but said that since she still cared about him, she was giving him the space he needed.

She chose to go home because she didn’t want to see him with other people.

Fans on Twitter said Michael wasn’t ready to date.

“So if Mike isn’t ready why hasn’t he left,” one asked.

“He doesn’t want to date anyone,” said another.

“If Michael means when he said Sierra, he should go with her if he’s not ready,” said a third.

It should be noted that Michael is still reeling from the devastating loss of his wife, who died of cancer in 2019.

He said he was always looking to heal and come out again, and he didn’t want to hurt anyone in the process.

This comes as fans weren’t thrilled to learn that Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti will have a segment in tonight’s and tomorrow’s episodes.

“I love them but stop pretending they are a BIP hit,” one fan wrote in their response on Twitter.

“Okay, but why,” said another.

You can watch the episode on Hulu if you missed it.

Bachelor in Paradise airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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  • Fans react to last week’s elimination

    Fans were also upset that Johnny chose Victoria over Hunter.

    “Johnny put it on Hunter at the very last minute like this with NO warning is real bad guy behavior,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

    Although Teddi Wright was saved from an elimination at the rose ceremony, she made a voluntary exit at the end of the episode.

    Teddi’s sudden exit seemed unexplained and the other islanders wondered why he left.

  • Last Week Elimination

    Week two marked BIP’s first rose ceremony and saw three girls sent home.

    The girls who were sent home included Kira Mengistu, Hailey Malles and Hunter Haag.

    After the elimination, Hailey was seen crying in the car saying, “I know I’m special but nobody cares.”

  • Tomorrow evening

    Sally is about to show up and cause some drama

    Men panic at the thought of getting a rose.

    Shanae is caught in a love triangle.

  • Ashley and Jared return

    While chatting with Wells at the bar, Ashley asked for coconut water.

    “It’s a bar,” Wells joked.

    Meanwhile, Jared prepares the “boom boom” room with rose petals for a steamy night.

    At the end, he falls asleep.

  • The guys are freaking out

    With one woman less, the men yearn for a rose.

    Five guys could go home.

  • Michael and Sierra Update Part Two

    Feeling like Sierra was getting strong and not wanting to hurt her, while trying to move on, Micheal told her he just wanted to be friends.

    Sierra comes home because she doesn’t want to date other people or see Michael date other people.

    The two shared an emotional goodbye hug.

    “I still want him, but I have to respect what he needs,” she said.

    “That’s what you do when you care about someone.”

  • An update from Michael and Sierra

    Michael gushed about Sierra.

    “She’s very mature. We’re having fun. I feel like time flies.”

    “We never get bored”

    However, due to his dying wife’s traumatic past, he said “he’s taking a step back.”

    In a thoughtful move, Sierra bought three stars and named one after Michael, one for his wife and one for his son.

  • Brandon and Serene get emotional

    Brandon and Serene got emotional while professing their feelings for each other.

    “You are truly the greatest and most beautiful blessing,” Brandon said.

    The two admitted that they fell in love with each other.

    Brandon said he could propose to Serene at the end of the show.

    Serene called their date “one of the best nights” she’s ever had.

  • Brandon and Serene’s date

    Brandon cried when he saw Serene dressed up for their date.

    “They remind everyone of what heaven can be, so they’re definitely a beacon of hope,” Jill said.

  • Michael is afraid

    Micheal explained to Wells that Sierra coming up with feature scenarios can be a bit fast.

    “We bonded pretty quickly and got into some very heavy, vulnerable conversations and that drew me in,” he said.

    “She is beautiful inside and out, and she will be an amazing mother.

    “But we sped up so fast. I have to admit that scares me too.

    “For better or for worse, I connect on a very deep level.”

  • A new meeting card

    A new date card came with Brandon’s name on it.

    He asked Serene out.

  • A potential commitment

    Things are going well between Sierra and Michael.

    She said she felt safe, open and honest with him.

    Both don’t want to see other people.

    Sierra wants kids and can’t wait to be a stepmom.

    She said she wouldn’t agree to an engagement “without” her son.

  • Ashley and Jared get emotional

    Ashley and Jared got emotional on the beach while talking about their love and their son, Dawson.

    “I think you’re the main reason I’m more confident,” Jared said.

    Ashley noted that she does a “good job” of being present in how lucky she is every day.

    The couple split saying they were the best thing that ever happened to each other.

  • Ashley and Jared revisit their place

    Ashley and Jared revisited the location of their first beach date in season two.

    Like then, she still pees in the water.

  • The date card is coming

    The card is for… Ashley and Jared.

    They will go “where it all began”.

    This comes as several men are panicking they don’t have dates and will be sent home.

  • Shanae confronts Logan

    Logan told the cameras he felt like he “ruined everything” with Shanae.

    This comes as she said he doesn’t show her that he cares about her.

  • Love at first sight between Geneviève and Justin.

    Genevieve told Justin that she preferred Aaron because he was more affectionate.

    Justin said he was more respectful on his date with Victoria than Genevieve was with Aaron.

    “I’m sorry that I have expectations that you can’t meet,” she said.

    Justin called off with Genevieve, calling her “disrespectful.”

  • Tension in the house

    As Genevieve kissed Aaron, Justin was upset.

    He said he “can’t want to talk to her”.

    “I think we both see it’s something worth fighting for,” he said.

  • Genevieve is on Aaron

    Now, Geneviève thinks “there could be an engagement” with Aaron.

    “I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” she said.

    “I’m excited to spend more time with Aaron and see what the future holds.”

  • Genevieve talks to Aaron

    After the kiss with Justin, Genevieve is confused.

    She later apologized to Aaron.

    “I feel like if it was something that could potentially hurt me, why would you do it?” Aaron asked.

    He admitted he had been hurt while Genevieve apologized profusely.

    Aaron called Justin’s attempts to get Genevieve to kiss him as “manipulative.”

    Aaron said he didn’t want Genevieve to be stressed, because he loves her very much.

  • Aaron is crushed by Genevieve

    “I wouldn’t do that to anyone, but she was, so I was pretty disturbed by the behavior,” he said of Genevieve’s kiss with Justin.

    “I want to vomit a little.”

    Genevieve cried, feeling bad, and said she wanted to apologize to Aaron.

    She said she didn’t originally want to kiss Justin.

  • Genevieve confronts Justin, part two

    She told Justin that they sat together all morning and only kissed once.

    “We’re counting the kisses now,” he replied.

    At the end of the conversation, they shared a kiss.

    This came after Justin told her he wanted to go back to the situation from the first night.

  • Genevieve confronts Justin

    On her birthday, Genevieve told Justin that she loved Aaron.

    “I think the main thing was that I felt special, and I didn’t feel special with you,” she said.

  • Ashley and Jared are really comfortable with each other

    The couple are now happily married, and even more comfortable with each other.

    Jared even accepts Ashley’s farts, which she said she would never do in front of him when they first met.

    “That’s definitely my love language, accepting that his farts smell so bad,” Jared said.

  • Well’s tells the story of Ashley and Jared

    Wells told the contestant how Ashley and Jared met in heaven and had a great date.

    Then Jared went on a date with Claire, he said.

    Ashley was devastated and, with class, couldn’t stop crying.

    Ashley pretended to be in love with other guys, until the two reconnected in heaven.

    “It’s time to have a baby in heaven,” Jared just told Ashley.