Dissecting Tadano and the Bromance of Katai

This article contains spoilers for Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2, now streaming on Netflix

Although Katai Makoto is only introduced to viewers (and most 1-1 classes) in Season 2 of Komi can’t communicate, he arrived at Itan Private High School with a memorable first impression, to say the least. Arguably the most intimidating guy in school, Katai is a big comforter deep down who, like Komi, just wants to make friends.

He forms a bond with Hitohito Tadano and the two quickly become friends, but their interactions inspire many questions from Komi and fans. Katai obviously also suffers from a communication disorder and tries several techniques to overcome her fears, but her sheer joy at befriending Tadano hits like no other, turning the intimidating Herculean hulk into a love-loving fangirl in the blink of an eye. of eye.


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First impressions

When Katai first arrives on the scene after spending months working on his physique, the shy young man has inadvertently turned his intimidation factor on full blast, terrifying virtually everyone he meets. Unaware of the effect he has on people, Katai tries his best to fit into the pre-established social groups in Season 2 Episode 3, with little success. Ever intuitive, Tadano fully assesses the situation and reaches out to Katai, who then raises his new friend to a metaphorical pedestal, seemingly in love with gratitude for Tadano’s kind gesture.

No audience member is really surprised when Katai’s usually stoic cockiness loses to Tadano in Season 2’s “It’s Just the ‘I Love You’ Game,” before the shy Katai ends up having the courage to invite his new friend over for lunch to commemorate their company.The whole event seems pretty innocent until Katai decides to solidify his newfound friendship by snuggling up and getting cozy, not to mention of feeding Tadano bites of lunch. While some may have already run for the hills, Tadano takes it all in stride and seems to be enjoying his first date with Katai overall, and seems only slightly embarrassed by the overly affectionate experience.

The second time is the charm

After tirelessly planning his next date with Tadano, things start awkwardly when Katai confuses his words and asks his destiny if they can “do this together. Fans stifle their laughter as Tadano tries to make sense of the request, and eventually, the plan to ice skate together comes to light. Seemingly oblivious to Katai’s desires to spend quality (alone) time together, Tadano ends up invite Komi, which almost entirely hinders Katai’s style.

Although neither Komi nor Katai can skate, the class goddess steals all of Tadano’s attention, as Katai watches while trying not to dissolve into a puddle of tears. Determination seizes Katai, who refuses defeat and manages to regain control of the situation. His dreams finally come true as Tadano skates hand-in-hand with Katai, both smiling like lovesick puppies. Any fans skeptical of Katai’s possible feelings toward Tadano have less ammunition at their disposal after “It’s Just Ice Skating,” as Komi begins to regularly fill the role of third wheel when it comes to this bromance.

The naked truth

Katai may not have initiated the semi-nude photo shoot in “It’s Just a School Trip,” but his impressive muscular figure was certainly to blame, as most of the boys couldn’t take their eyes off him. The monumental occasion began with only Naruse and Katai posing for the reluctant photographer, Tadano, but it didn’t take long for the other class delinquents to get involved in the steamy affair.

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Tadano quickly became comfortable around half-naked muscular men, and it’s unclear how many of those photos he kept to himself. Poor Komi witnessed the event just as things were heating up and seems more confused than ever about Tadano’s sexuality. Good clean and naked fun is apparently all the boys need to seal their friendship Komi can’t communicate.

The three date rule

In Japanese culture, it’s traditional for girls to hand out chocolates to their friends or crushes on Valentine’s Day, but Tadano’s experience didn’t go as he planned. Katai and Katou seemed to have a little something, but so far the only gift Tadano has received at school has come from his best brother and, according to Tadano, “boys don’t matter.” Luckily, Katai didn’t hear those feelings as the poor guy’s heart would surely have shattered into a million pieces; but was Tadano’s dismissal of his best brother genuine?

First off, Tadano uses Katai as an excuse to be so pissed off about finding the perfect gift for White Day, which is an obvious cover story, but which his mom too quickly believes (does she suspect about herself?) repaying Katai for her Valentine’s Day gift, Tadano ends up initiating his third date with Katai and offers to take her out for an after-school meal (along with some tag-a-longs in tow.) Whether or not this move was planned is debatable, but the excitement on Katai’s face is undeniable; not to mention Komi’s shock. Many fans are disappointed that they weren’t invited to see how things went on Katai and Tadano’s third date, but there’s always an imagination to rely on.

Class 1-1 love… square?

These hormonal teens just can’t get along, or maybe it’s class 1-1 chads who need to find direction. Although Tadano and Katai were otherwise preoccupied, they did not go unnoticed by the girls in the class, especially Shouko Komi and Katou Mikuni. While Katai showed great admiration for Komi, his personal communication master, there don’t seem to be any romantic attachments to this dynamic as Katai only radiated respect and awe in his presence. Katou, on the other hand, is potentially another story, though Katai’s thoughts on that have yet to be disclosed. As far as viewers can tell so far, the person who inspires the most passion in Katai is Tadano, who gains more affection from the broad-shouldered youngster than either Komi or Katou ever had.

The verdict is in

Regardless of Katai’s potential LGBTQ+ status, many fans can agree that this entertaining guy definitely deserves more screen time. In the end, Komi is the only one who really has anything to worry about when it comes to Katai and Tadano’s close friendship, but judging a young man for showing his softer side isn’t a fair assessment. .

Katai’s character is the epitome of society’s austere views on masculinity; as men are generally separated into the opposite categories of toxic or queer masculinity. The rest of Class 1-1 assume that Katai is dangerous and powerful due to his outward appearance, but those who’ve glimpsed what’s inside know best. However, it begs the question: what happened to the middle ground, where men could be strong and sentimental without harsh judgments being passed on them? Of course, the content of Komi can’t communicate is rather suggestive, but why is a man’s sexuality questioned as soon as he shows signs of weakness (Or as more open-minded people say: emotional capacity.)

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