Dozens of people take part in a candlelight vigil for young Bury who died last weekend

Dozens of people gathered at a candlelight vigil for a three-year-old boy who died in Tottington last weekend.

Albie Speakman suffered fatal injuries in farmland off Bentley Hall Road around midday last Saturday.

His family were in a vehicle transporting the child to hospital before reporting a passing ambulance, but the youngster died on the journey.

A vigil was held on Coronation Gardens in Radcliffe last night.

Dozens of people were present carrying candles and paying their respects to the young boy.

They stayed in the area until late at night.

Photos of Albie have also been installed in several locations in the area.

They were invited to light candles to celebrate the life of the “sun boy”.

People also released balloons in tribute to Albie.

Albie’s mother Leah described her son as her “sunny little boy”.

She said: “Albie was an incredibly loving, caring and caring boy who just wanted everyone to be happy.

“He was so sensitive and wanted everyone to be okay, especially the people he loved.

“He loved to play, whether it was with his family or his friends at nursery. He was always looking for little round things everywhere he went – rocks, styrofoam balls, bouncy balls, beads – I don’t know why but he loved anything round, he clung to it.

“His favorite memories are at Cleethorpes beach, with his bucket, shovel and ball. His happiest days were on that beach. We were so free and had no worries in the world. There was only me and Albie and nothing else mattered.

“Every time I asked him what he wanted to do, he wanted to go on a beach vacation again. That’s how I know he was really happy there.

“We all love Albie so much more than we can ever put into words, especially his grandmother and his ‘nanny-nanny’ as he would always call her.

“I’m going to miss absolutely everything about Albie – his voice, his smile, the smell of his skin and the feel of his little hands on my face when he says, ‘I love you, mom daughter.’

Father Neil Speakman said he will be running the London Marathon and wants to raise £2,500 for Make a Wish in memory of his son’s generous nature.

He said: “All Albie wanted to do was help people and make them smile.

“The thought that a few thousand people could make another kid smile like Albie did and have a great day in the back of Albie’s memory, that really means a lot to me.”

The driver of the tractor, who would have known the child, is helping the police in their investigations.

Officers said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

A joint police and health and safety executive investigation is ongoing and specialist officers from Greater Manchester Police are supporting Albie’s family.