Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson share photos from Sweet Reunion

modern familyis one of the most popular ABC dramas with millions of viewers after airing for 11 seasons. The season finale was released in 2020 and drew over 7 million viewers. The show has won multiple awards and nominations for Primetime Emmys and Screen Actors Guilds.

One of the show’s most beloved couples is Mitchell Pritchett, played by Jesse Tyler Fergusonand Cameron Tucker, played by Eric Stonestreet. The duo played a gay couple with two children in the comedy series.

Two years after the last show, the on-screen couple reunited and posted photos of their encounter online. There were videos of the duo hugging and a particularly affectionate one where Ferguson gave Stonestreet a peck on the cheek.

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson met in New York

Former “Modern Family” co-stars Stonestreet and Ferguson recently reunited in New York City. They posted photos and videos of the reunion on their various Instagram accounts. Stonestreet captioned her post, “Cute two-year meetup in the works. This guy has been missed a lot. I love you @tyler.

The first video showed Stonestreet walking up to his former co-actor and kissing him. Ferguson said, “Oh my God, hi!” and kissed the 50-year-old at the time; Stonestreet lamented, “It’s been two years.” There were also several other photos where the actors posed on a New York street.

In one photo, Ferguson leaned in to give her former on-screen husband, Stonestreet, a peck on the cheek. The final video showed the actors displaying their popular hilarity onscreen. In the clip,

Stonestreet was in his car, and as he drove away from Ferguson, he shouted through the car window saying, “Hey! He’s the red-haired guy from ‘Modern Family’. The 46-year-old walking down the sidewalk turned around and laughed. The joke dates back to 2013 when Stonestreet yelled something similar at Ferguson in a car.

Fan reactions to messages from ‘Modern Family’ stars

Ferguson’s Instagram post of the pair was a photo of him pecking at his former co-star as they stood side by side on the street. The post was kindly captioned “Huzzzbin.” Fans of the comedy series wasted no time in heading to the comments section and gushing over the photos. He also shared the video of them hugging on his Instagram story.

One wrote: “That’s so sweet!!!! Glad you two are friends in real life. Another wrote: ‘All time favorite screen couple.’ commented, “Cam and Mitchy-Pritchy. Something takes up so much space in our hearts.

Another follower commented, “You are hilarious and I love you both with the intensity of a thousand suns.” One wrote: “This literally brought me to tears you guys are awesome.” Several other comments described the actors as their “favorite TV couple”.

The “modern family” ended in 2020

The famous ABC drama premiered in September 2009 and ran for eleven seasons until April 2020. Apart from Stonestreet and Ferguson, the series featured actors like Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Sarah Hyland, Julie Bowen, Ariel Winter, Nolan’s Gould, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons and Rico Rodriguez.

Ferguson played the role of Mitchell Pritchett in the series. He was the husband of Stonestreet character Cameron Tucker. The couple had a daughter named Lily, played by Anderson-Emmons, and later had a baby named Redford.

The on-screen couple continue to have fun even after the show ends. Ferguson posted an old photo of himself in the early 2000s in January. Stonestreet responded by posting an edited version of the photo where the 46-year-old looked much older with aged skin, a gray beard and gray hair.

Stonestreet and Ferguson’s Real-Life Relationships

While the actors played a gay couple in the popular ABC drama, they had slightly different romantic relationships in real life. Stonestreet is currently engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer. The two met in 2016 and got engaged a year later.

Ferguson, meanwhile, is married to Justin Mikita. The two met in a locker room when Mikita stopped the actor to talk about the pilot episode of “Modern Family.” Mikita was a law student at the time.

The two started dating in 2010 and started a non-profit organization called Tie The Knot to lobby for gay marriage in 2012. They eventually tied the knot in a New York wedding officiated by Tony Kushner in 2013.