Every episode of Professor Proton, ranked

Professor Proton brought science to Sheldon and Leonard’s childhood, and he brings an extra dose of humor to viewers of The Big Bang Theory.

With the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory now available to stream on HBO Max, it can be difficult to determine which of the hundreds of episodes is ready to rewatch. Picking an iconic character or cameo to follow is a great way to make a decision, and Professor Proton should be high on the list.

Bob Newhart appears in 6 thrilling episodes of The Big Bang Theory as Professor Proton, the host of a children’s science show Sheldon and Leonard grew up on. The two, especially Sheldon, idolize her, creating hilarious and heartfelt interactions. From performing science experiments for the guys to appearing a wise, imaginary ghost, Professor Proton stars in some great episodes.


6 Opening night excitement

Bob Newhart as Professor Arthur Jeffries Proton in The Big Bang Theory

On Amy’s birthday in the eleventh episode of season 9, Sheldon decides to give her the gift of intimacy for the first time. In a dream, he visits an imaginary Jedi professor Proton for advice on how to proceed.

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“The Opening Night Excitement” is one of the best TBBT episodes to watch if you miss Sheldon and Amy, and also a funny episode to watch for a quick appearance from the wise Professor Proton. At this point in the series, he only speaks through his ghostly form, but being able to see Bob Newhart as a scientist for even a short time is a treat.

5 The Planetarium Collision

Sheldon and Professor Proton in The Big Bang Theory

In the twelfth episode of Season 5, Sheldon and Amy argue over how much time Amy should spend on her job versus their joint project. Sheldon consults the wise Jedi ghost, Professor Proton, in his dream for advice on this matter.

Learning to tell Sheldon what she wants is one of the ways Amy has matured throughout. The Big Bang Theory. This episode shows how Sheldon is able to meet his needs, albeit with the help of Professor Proton. The kids’ show host also gives all viewers some hilarious and helpful relationship advice: don’t go to bed angry and ‘if you don’t recognize the shoes under your bed, they’re not your shoes’ .

4 The movement of protons

Leonard talks to Professor Proton in TBBT

In the seventh episode of season 7, Professor Proton asks Leonard to help him on a physics project. Naturally, Sheldon is very jealous. To deal with it, he enlists Bill Nye the Science Guy.

See Professor Proton working on an experiment with Leonard, one of the smartest characters in The Big Bang Theory, is totally different to see him doing experiments for kids, which is what viewers are used to. Plus, it serves as the catalyst for Sheldon to bring in a Bill Nye cameo, making this episode even cooler with a double dose of nostalgia.

3 Proton regeneration

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon on Wil Wheaton's doorstep

The sixth episode of Season 11 brings news that TV producers are remaking the science show “Professor Proton” that Sheldon and Leonard loved as kids. Of course, Sheldon auditions and expects to fill the role, but he’s less than thrilled when the part goes to Wil Wheaton.

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Sheldon repeatedly visits the Jedi ghost professor Proton in his dream so he can tell him about Wheaton’s casting. Professor Proton seems to have humorously had enough of Sheldon’s repeated visits to the afterlife. He ends the hilarious episode with the question of how to get on the hater list Sheldon put Wheaton on for accepting the role of Professor Proton.

2 The resurgence of protons

The twenty-second episode of season 6 reveals that Sheldon and Leonard’s childhood hero, Professor Proton, is available for hire for parties. They write him a check and invite him to perform, allowing him to get acquainted with the eccentric crew before his pacemaker malfunctions.

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The first in-person episode of Professor Proton brings out a childish science obsession in Sheldon and Leonard and really highlights Penny’s science incompetence in the best possible way. When Professor Proton ends up in the hospital and asks Sheldon to fill in for a gig, Sheldon hilariously points out that he’s now adopted the older man as a father figure.

1 Proton transmogrification

Leonard and Sheldon learn the bad news that Professor Proton has died in the twenty-second episode of Season 7. Sheldon silently struggles with this loss as Leonard and Penny drive to the funeral. He copes by conjuring up a ghostly Professor Proton to advise him while wearing Jedi robes.

Viewers start the episode thinking they’ll never see Professor Proton again, only to soon have him appear as a glowing ghost in a classic Star Wars outfit, which is a pleasant surprise. However, the episode is also very touching. Sheldon struggles to cope with the death of a father figure and gives Leonard a loving hug to remind him that he cares about him on the advice of Professor Proton, proving that Leonard and Sheldon have the best friendship ever. weather. The Big Bang Theory.

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