Expert Explains What UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Is, How To Create That Bond

In this month of love where Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day are among the most anticipated holidays for lovers, how can we not speak of the term “unconditional love” that Romeo and Juliet had for each other? The word “love” refers to a particular set of behaviors and emotions, including commitment, trust, affection, caring, passion, intimacy, closeness, protection, and attraction. . It can also be termed as a divine feeling that one experiences in one’s life. We often see that the intensity with which we “love” someone can change over time or with situations. But it wouldn’t be wrong to associate the word ‘Love’ with a plethora of positive emotions like euphoria, happiness, contentment, gratification et al. Nevertheless, sometimes “love” can also give rise to certain negative emotions like stress, anxiety, jealousy, etc.

Unconditional love” refers to loving someone without any conditions. It is the purest form of love where we happily accept all of the person’s flaws and love them for who they are without expecting anything in return or wanting them to change themselves. according to our whims and fantasies. This kind of love knows no bounds or borders. It’s complete love with no expectations. So, “unconditional love” is to love someone wholeheartedly and freely, without any conditions.

The best example of “unconditional love” is a mother’s love for her child. She loves her child unconditionally, always takes care of his needs, stands by him through thick and thin, makes many sacrifices for him throughout his life, and never expects or demands anything in return. Moreover, she never says what she has done for her child, she does everything in silence for her child and prays for his well-being because she loves him unconditionally!

In today’s world, this type of love (“Unconditional Love”) may seem unrealistic or just found in movies or fairy tales because it is a selfless act, but some people experience “unconditional love” or “love someone unconditionally”. It is the key to a successful long-term relationship, including parent-child relationship, sibling relationship, friend relationship, etc.

Here is a list of some habits you might want to adapt in order to create an unbreakable bond with your loved ones and love them unconditionally.

1. Be a good listener

You should learn the art of listening to your loved ones when they confine something or share an experience. This will make them feel valued.

2. Stop judging

Don’t judge people for anything – their appearance, behavior, lifestyle, etc. It makes them feel inferior and unwanted. Encourage and appreciate them to make them feel valuable.

3. Express your heart

Try to express your feelings to those close to you so that they understand you better.

4. Spend quality time with loved ones

We are all very busy in our daily lives. But we should make it a point to spend some quality time with our loved ones over a cup of coffee or dinner etc.

5. Transparent Communication

Make sure you have transparent one-way communication with your loved ones. Share everything you feel so you can have a lasting relationship.

The above column was written by Love Coach, Jigyasa Uniyal.

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