Jennifer Lopez Says Ben Affleck’s Wedding Video Was ‘Stolen’

Newly weds.
Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Update, Monday August 29: Turns out J.Lo was just sing for Ben Affleck, not for the whole world. The star wrote in a comment on Instagram that the TMZ video showing her at their wedding “was taken without permission”, claiming it was “stolen without our consent and sold for money”. She continued, “I don’t know where you all get it from because we had ndas and asked everyone not to share anything about our marriage.” (Remember, gossip and leaks led to Bennifer 1.0 breaking up.) “It’s our choice to share,” the new Ms. Affleck said, adding that she would share more of her recent marriage “when I will be ready to do so”.

The original story published on August 25 follows.

J.Lo’s wedding to Ben Affleck was an extravagant affair, spanning multiple ceremonies with multiple dresses per ceremony, appropriate for their 20-year marriage. And it turns out the singer herself capped off last weekend’s festivities at her husband’s Georgian estate with a performance dedicated to their renewed love. No, it wasn’t something Marry me or “El Anillo” or even “I Luh Ya Papi” – she wrote this one especially for Ben. TMZ released a clip of Jennifer Affleck (née Lopez) performing a song apparently titled “Can’t Get Enough,” while still in her wedding dress and with backup dancers, in front of a seated B.Aff. “You know I’m still in love with you,” Lopez sings before getting the audience talking, “You know I can’t get enough!” TMZ Music Critics said the “lyrics are quite loving” and noted the “catchy hook”. The outlet also reported that Ben “seemed to be really enjoying his front row seat…just look at the affectionate look on his face as he watches his bride strut her stuff.” As if you wouldn’t be thrilled to have a personal J.Lo concert.