‘Little People, Big World’ Star Tori Roloff Marks Baby Josiah’s First Major Milestone

Tori Roloff is full of gratitude, especially for the moment she got to know the latest addition to the family.

The proud mom shared two photos to celebrate her third child, Josiah Luke, who is one month old. The star of “Little People, Big World” shares Luke, Jackson, 5, and Lilah Ray, 2, with her husband, Zach Roloff.

Baby Josiah is one month old and Tori Roloff couldn’t be happier

Instagram | Tori Roloff

In the first photo she uploaded to Instagram, the little guy is rocking a gray hoodie with black pants. He is playful as he lies next to a month counter – with leaves surrounding the first month.

Josiah sticks his tongue out in the next slide as he sits next to a month-old sign. Roloff wondered if a month had already passed as he revealed his family loved getting to know the baby in the caption.

She added that he liked to eat and had not yet skipped a meal. The reality star also shared that the one-month-old is “starting to enjoy bath time” and “has longer watchful moments”, adding that “he loves watching his family!

Roloff ended the caption by expressing the family’s love for baby Josiah with the hashtags “Josiahlukeroloff” and “zandtpartyoffive.”

The post already has nearly 90,000 likes and over 700 comments from enthusiastic fans and followers. While some commenters praised her for reaching the one-month milestone, others recalled how motherhood treated them.

Many others acknowledged that a month had passed so quickly, with one adding, “He is so cute. You are fine mom. In addition to Josiah, Tori and Zach are also the parents of Jackson Kyle and Lilah Ray.

Before the couple welcomed baby Josiah, many fans wondered how Jackson and Lilah would feel about having a new child in the house. Tori finally answered that question when she sat down with PEOPLE and say:

“We were preparing for moments of jealousy or for things to go wrong from time to time. But they literally didn’t.

Both children have been affectionate and loving with Josiah, which has been fun for Tori to watch.

The 31-year-old added that the big kids come in handy for their little brother, who was born three weeks early. She claimed Jackson and Lilah were “very concerned about where he is, what he’s doing.”

Older children even take turns bottle feeding their little brother and want to bring him “blankies and binkies”.

As for whether they will have more children in the future, Tori said it’s not entirely out of the question, although it’s unlikely.

‘Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm’ star was devastated by miscarriage

Josiah’s arrival comes several months after the reality star revealed she suffered a miscarriage. In March of last year, The Blast reported that Tori announced the sad news with a photo on Instagram and a long statement.

The image showed a pregnancy test – reading positive – and an embroidered image of their family with a baby in the arms of Jesus.

Noting her family’s excitement about welcoming the new package, Tori said she had “never felt so sad, angry and scared in a single moment”.

She also revealed that she had no symptoms of losing the baby; thus, nothing could have prepared her for the miscarriage.

The ‘Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm’ star went on to say that her husband had been her “steadfast rock” throughout the painful journey. Without Zach, Tori wouldn’t have come out of this sad hole.

She admitted the situation made her realize how blessed she and her family were to have two “happy, healthy and successful children”.

She said she dropped the heartbreaking post hoping other women who have had a miscarriage will know they are not alone.

The former kindergarten teacher said she will continue to thank the Lord for what she has in her life – her children and her husband, who loved her and stayed by her side.

Tori ended the post with this Bible passage that read, “For I hold you by your right hand – I, the Lord your God. And I say to you ‘do not be afraid. I am here to help you. Isaiah 41:13″

Zach and Tori have remained open about their parenting struggles over the years. The couple opened up about everything, including unexpected toddler messes, Tori’s body changes, and even Lilah’s 2020 health scare.