Naruto’s Sasuke and Dragon Ball’s Vegeta Share an Emotional Struggle

fans of Dragon Ball Z and naruto noticed many similarities between the two series. Besides their explosive fight scenes, the two anime also share a similarity in the deuteragonists, who play the classic shonen role of the hero’s rival. More than just a foil for the protagonist, however, Vegeta and Sasuke share their difficulty in forming relationships and showing emotions.

As heirs to the greatest legacies, Vegeta and Sasuke have an overwhelming sense of pride at risk due to multiple factors. Because emotions and love are never as important as strength in battle, these cynical characters believe their abrasive and apathetic philosophies are fully justified. A slow, gradual change occurs over time, but few select people are able to recognize the softer side that Vegeta and Sasuke have been hiding. If that sounds like a tsundere, that’s because, for the most part, that’s what these two characters are.

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Sasuke and Vegeta have Tsundere traits, but are really Hinedires

Of all the anime tropes out there, the tsundere is one of the best known. The basis of this character archetype is a protection of pride and a rejection of emotions, which suits both Vegeta and Sasuke perfectly. However, another less common -dere type matches their personality even more. The resistance to love and affection that marks a tsundere fits their characters well, so it wouldn’t be strange to call Vegeta and Sasuke tsunderes; but for the sake of precision they are more hinederes than anything else.

A hinedere is a character full of pride and cynicism and lacking the turmoil of emotions that tends to escape from tsunderes. They are much more calm and collected than the tsunderes, but still have the same struggle with being vulnerable with someone they can’t trust and aren’t already close to. These are all traits Vegeta and Sasuke possess, although the execution is different between them.

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Vegeta, the lonely Saiyan prince, transformed into a hero

Dragon Ball ZVegeta was born into royalty as the son of the Saiyan King, whose people are considered some of the strongest in the universe. Looking at his father, Vegeta couldn’t express how he felt at home due to their abrasive culture; he learned to be a ruthless warrior at a young age. Unfortunately, due to the abuse and eventual destruction of his people, Vegeta becomes bitter and full of rage, though he maintains his royal attitude as much as he can. After the Saiyans disappeared, he became a selfish and cruel individual with little remorse for his actions. However, he eventually reveals that he could have been more than a warrior if it weren’t for the influences around him, a notion that likely developed through the influence of the most powerful warriors. of the earth.

Prior to his time on Earth, Vegeta was led to believe that attachments and emotions were meaningless. During Dragon Ball Zhe becomes merciful to his would-be enemies, gradually developing positive relationships with the Z fighters. His changes are subtle and only noticeable by a select few, but Vegeta gradually begins to show a softer side when building his relationships on Earth.

His caring nature and ability to show respect to others is confused by his inflated ego and overall cold attitude, but in his own way he cares, especially when it comes to his family. Although it takes a while to truly show Bulma and Trunks his softer side, once Vegeta fully realizes how important his family is to him, he lets go of his ruthless tendencies and shows a more considerate and affectionate side.

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A manipulated Sasuke Uchiha, free from hatred

Similar to Vegeta, narutoSasuke was born into the prestigious Uchiha clan, and although they possessed no sovereign rulers, they commanded respect and fear as one of the most powerful ninja families. As the son of Chief Uchiha Fugaku and the most gifted Uchiha’s younger brother, Itachi, Sasuke had big shoes to fill and learned that the most important thing in life was success as a ninja. His desire to be the strongest is exaggerated after his brother kills their entire clan, leaving Sasuke alive with the promise that they would fight to the death when he grows stronger.

Since his traumatic childhood, Sasuke has made it his goal to kill Itachi and gradually isolates himself from others to exert his hatred. Although he had a benevolent and noble side for most of narutoSasuke conceals his vulnerable emotions with a cold, cynical attitude.

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With help from an unlikely source and the support of his best friend Naruto, Sasuke finally comes to peace and is free from his hatred. He’s always apprehensive to show his soft side, but the select few he reveals to that side bear witness to the heroic Sasuke who has always been buried in hate. Naruto is the first to break through, and because she never stopped loving him, Sakura becomes the next to see Sasuke’s tender side as they raise their daughter Sarada Uchiha.

Both Vegeta and Sasuke have a number of reasons to cling to their pride and think little about love and relationships, but unlike other anti-heroes/villains, they keep a touch of their humanity hidden. deep in their frozen hearts. The few who bring out their softer side reveal that in addition to being rival characters, these two are also classic hinederes. While their character development is different – with Vegeta going from villain to hero and Sasuke from hero to villain and back again, the main quality they both share is their struggle to reveal their emotions and learn to love.