Opinion: Why is self-love unconditional love? | sachine

It’s no secret that loving yourself is a form of self-preservation. This is because the more we like ourselves, the easier it is to find other people who can like us. And when we don’t feel accepted by others, they help us learn to love ourselves even more.

If you take care of yourself with respect and kindness, you already recognize your worth and worth as a person.

You know that our family and our relationships are our mirror.

As the saying goes, “The family that prays together stays together”, so do family, friends and lovers. We pick up on what we see in others all the time, automatically absorbing the habits and behaviors of others into our own. Self-love is how you treat yourself and the people closest to you.

The kind of love you give to others in your family and relationships is a reflection of the love given to you.

When we are kind, honest, and loving with others, the world is a better place. So if we want to see peace and happiness on earth, we all have to be kind in our relationships.

You cannot protect yourself from those who hurt you…

But you can protect yourself from letting them hurt you. And that’s where self-love begins: in your heart. Loving yourself is unconditional love. That means it has nothing to do with what you do, what you should have done differently, or the failure of your relationship.

If someone you love hurts you or lets you down, sometimes our first reaction is to blame them for being cruel and thoughtless. But if we allow room for anger and frustration to fester in our hearts, we only hurt ourselves even more.

If you love yourself, you’ll realize it’s not the other person’s fault. It’s not about them or how to get your feelings back. It’s about what you want and the confidence you have to handle the situation without blaming or hating.

And we should stop trying to control our fears…

When events in our lives victimize us, we begin to search for answers as to who did it and why. But there is nothing useful in thinking that way. It only hurts you. The more we try to figure out why this “happened to me” and how to control the situation, the less power we have over our own lives.

Self-love begins with the realization that you have a choice right now. You can choose to be angry, or you can choose to accept that the situation turned out the way it did and move forward with new knowledge.

And let them guide you.

The people who love you won’t hurt you intentionally, but they might not always do it right. If you like each other, then you can let the other person know what you think and feel without them thinking they’ve done something wrong. Yes, we want to be honest, but at the same time, we don’t want to create an impossible situation for our loved ones.

“Kindness in words creates trust. Kindness in thought creates depth. Kindness in giving creates love.” — Lao Tzu

To understand why we have to love each other, we have to go back to the beginning…

The truth is that we were born innocent beings, as pure as possible and connected to a universal energy that created us. But as we grew up, our natural connection to the universe was hijacked and twisted. We have become obsessed with the material world and all its possessions.

As children, we have no choice but to trust what the people around us tell us. If someone tells us that what we are is not good enough, then we believe them because we have no other point of view to judge what they say. And so, a pattern of self-doubt is created and, over time, reinforced in every relationship you’ve ever had in your life.

If we want to break the cycle, we have to stop thinking that it’s natural to feel bad about yourself. We should start loving each other.

The first step to self-love is to remove yourself from that childhood pattern of self-doubt and negativity. To prove that you can love yourself and be accepted by others, you must first understand that the only person who can judge you is yourself.

To do this, we need to look at our past relationships and eliminate what didn’t work. Every failed relationship has left an imprint on your heart. But instead of letting it stand as a bitter reminder of all the things that have gone wrong, we need to learn from our mistakes and understand why it wasn’t supposed to work.

We need to erase all negative feelings and replace them with gratitude. To do this, you have to practice self-love by allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that you have been repressing for so long.