Philemon Chambers explains how Single All The Way embodies unconditional love and family acceptance

It’s the season for cute and cheesy holiday movies, and Netflix’s first LGBTQ holiday romance comedy, Single All The Way, is so charming and fun.

We highly recommend adding this one to your vacation movie list, as it follows a fun flick of two best friends pretending they’re dating and then realizing they could actually be something more. Still, it’s done in a refreshing new way.

With an overly involved family, a hilarious Christmas show, three handsome men, and funny Christmas carols, this holiday romance comedy will have you smiling from start to finish.

TV Fanatic chatted with Philemon Chambers, who played Nick, about how the movie stayed so authentic, how he enjoyed working with such a big family, and the fun relationships between the cast.

In recent years, Hallmark Channel and Hulu have made holiday LGBTQ movies, but Single All The Way felt different. There was an authentic charm and connection between the three men.

Peter (Michael Urie) felt he didn’t want to be the only single in the family, so he begged his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to come home for the holidays and pretend to be her boyfriend.

His family had other ideas. His mom Carol (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a blind date with his muscular trainer James (Luke McFarlane), but has Peter’s true love stood before him for a decade?

Single All The Way shines in part because of its three handsome and talented male lead roles, but the cast that plays Peter’s overly involved family makes you laugh. Kathy Najimy as the mother of Peter and Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Aunt Sandy, beautifully balance humor and family acceptance.

Single until the end Poster

Aunt Sandy hosts the children’s Christmas contest, and after her hilarious tirade, Peter and Nick must save the day.

While humorous and charming, at its core, Single All The Way is about unconditional love and self-discovery, something Chambers repeated over and over throughout our interview.

Philemon Chambers (Nick) explained why the movie was so authentic. He revealed that executive producer and screenwriter Chad Hodge was gay, and our director Michael Mayer was gay as well. He, Michael Urie and Luke Macfarlane are all gay.

“Chad Hodge, Michael Mayer and Joe Rice got me involved in Nick’s development because Nick is a black gay character, and they wanted to make sure he was as authentic as possible. It was important because he there weren’t any heterosexual people trying to figure these things had homosexual characters and gays authentically told.

Celebrate Christmas together

He asked me questions, making sure things made sense or seemed authentic, even down to my wardrobe. He asked me what I would wear in certain scenes, so I was very involved, very practical. Chambers admitted the script was one of the most refreshing reads he has ever read.

“When you see these homosexual characters portrayed, it’s usually from a very stereotypical point of view. There is a certain homophobia involved, and there was none of that.”

“It was unconditional love from their family who wanted their son to be happy and in a relationship and not run away from love, and it was so refreshing. That’s what caught my attention because it was something new. It was something that has never been done before. “

Single All The Way differs from many other romantic movies because there is no villain in this love triangle. While we didn’t want to spoil anything, Nick and James were good-looking, caring men that Peter would have been lucky enough to meet up with.

The Hunky Gym Trainer

Chambers appreciated this analysis and said it was a tribute to the writings of Chad. There is no bad guy in there. “It’s pure love. It’s unconditional love. A lot of people use the word love, but they don’t use it correctly.

Peter is having this moment with James, and James sees this interaction between Nick and Peter, and James wants Peter to be happy. Nick wants Peter to be happy. At the end of the day, it’s just Peter who chooses how happy he is. “

Part of the charm of Single All The Way was Peter’s over-involved family. They all had an opinion, whether the mother was trying to put Peter in touch with James or if the father and the nieces were trying to put Peter and Nick together.

Chambers liked Peter’s big, beautiful family. “Not only have you seen the family’s unconditional love for the son and accepted it, but you’ve seen them accept not only James but also Nick. You see it from a non-judgmental point of view. People are people, love regardless.

Meet Aunt Sandy

The nieces wanted me to go out with Peter. They did a lot of things. I got stuck on a roof until I listened to them. “

Chambers loved the family dynamic and found it a breath of fresh air. “The family is so involved, and they’re trying to convince the mom of what’s going on here. Like the older sister says, Nick and Peter want to kiss. They should kiss. Nick has ten and Peter has ten. “

It’s so funny. When you take away his homophobia, you have so much room to play, which Chad did. He played with everything. But again, the family dynamic is absolutely unique. “

Chambers shared that he and his castmates have made a great rapport. He shared that they had filmed in Montreal and were subject to strict covid restrictions. They only had 15 minutes a day to be within three feet of each other.

It wasn’t easy with these intimate scenes and the number of people in the scenes, and sometimes we couldn’t be within six feet of someone.

Christmas song

He said they built a family bond and shared one of his favorite memories with me. “I was watching the original Planet of the Apes upstairs in our green bedroom, which was our bedroom when we were filming in the house. Everyone kept asking what I was watching.

So I put it on my iPad, and Michael Urie, Kathy Najimy, Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Robertson, Barry Bostwick, and I all watched Planet of the Apes together.

It was such a moment for me because we were such a big family. We were in this room on the bed and chairs watching the movie. It was fun. “

Chambers shared when he had no information he’d like to do a Single All The Way sequel where Nick and Peter visit Nick’s family and hilarity ensues.

Chambers loves vacations and classic vacation movies, such as The Grinch. “I love the Grinch. The Grinch is one of my all-time favorites because Jim Carrey’s performance was amazing, and Faith Hill’s song,“ Where Are You Christmas? ”Is adorable. I watch that. every year.

Fun in the snow

On top of that, I love The Nightmare before Christmas. It is suitable for Halloween and Christmas. I also love Jack Frost and, no pun intended, Jingle All The Way one and two. I love classics like Miracle on 34th Street, The Nutcracker and Babes in Toyland. I love Christmas movies.

I also enjoyed the movie Tangerine Bear. It’s an animated Christmas movie that I always watched as a kid. It’s about this bear who has a backwards smile and can’t find anyone to love him, but it’s a Christmas movie, so he finds someone at Christmas. “

Single All The Way is a lovely addition to Netflix’s vacation romance comedies, and hopefully there will be sequels. We think you’ll smile and laugh with this holiday movie.

Single All The Way is now streaming on Netflix.

Laura Nowak is a writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.