Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Adds Lechonk to Sweatshirt

A Pokemon fan decides to show off his newfound love for Lechonk on a piece of clothing that will be easy for everyone to see.

Each time a new generation of Pokemon happens, there are usually fans who will be drawn to some of the newly revealed Pokémon, as is the case with Pokemon scarlet and violet. In this case, a fan’s attachment led them to modify their sweatshirt due to their new found love for Lechonk, a large pig Pokémon that players will be able to catch. Pokemon scarlet and violet.

During the new trailer of Pokemon scarlet and violet, Lechonk immediately endeared himself to fans, primarily for his name. Lechonk easily conquered the Internet the day of Pokemon scarlet and violetThe second trailer for, with many people online proclaiming the Pokemon as their new favorite.


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Reddit fan Affectionate-Glass88 decided to show off his newfound love for the new pig Pokémon by embroidering Lechonk onto his sweatshirt for the world to see. Since they put Lechonk’s image on a Nike sweater, a Reddit comment proclaimed that LeBron James should make way for Lechonk in that player’s heart and as a new Nike sponsor. Another Reddit user commented on how quickly this image could be stitched onto an existing sweater, and Affectionate-Glass88 has also made other embroidered sweaters that they sell on Instagram.

Lechonk has been the subject of various memes online since his reveal in the Pokemon scarlet and violet trailer, and its fanbase seems likely to grow as more people watch the Pokemon scarlet and violet trailer. Fans like Affectionate-Glass88 have proven that players can rally around particular Pokémon and show off their life skills by enjoying a new Pokémon to cheer on.

Lechonk isn’t the only Pokémon fans have rallied around since the last trailer. Some Pokemon fans have taken a liking to Smoliv, a Pokemon with another meme-worthy name. This extremely terrified olive Pokémon won the hearts of some fans when they saw this little plant Pokémon cowering in fear of the world around it.

Pokemon scarlet and violet seeks to continue the momentum generated by Pokemon Legends: Arceus to the next generation of Pokemon. Pokemon scarlet and violet reconfirmed its open-world status in the latest trailer, and players will be able to approach the game at their leisure. Even Pokemon Gyms will apparently be sized appropriately based on player strength. This can be the main open world Pokemon game that fans have been asking for, and gamers are excited to see how it will play when released.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be released on November 18, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.

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