Power of Unconditional Love | Deccan Herald

Love is omnipresent. Everyone knows it but few understand it. It can simply be concern for the welfare of another, caring, longing for physical closeness, kissing, hugging, giving a token gift, support, loving eye contact, sharing secrets and secrets. intimate feelings or even meaningful silence when looking at each other. Love is a source of confidence, security, power and courage.

Love can be towards another person, any living being, object, concept or even oneself. While mutual love strengthens the bond and lasts longer, the most superior form of love is unconditional love.

The expression of love helps to reinforce it, but the ability to make the loved one feel superior. The expression does not have to be descriptive/eloquent dialogue, a beautiful poem or a song. It can be simpler and even voiceless.

Love is a necessity, not a luxury. It is an essential feeling for life, not an optional add-on of our choosing. Nothing can fill the place of love. However, we must be extremely careful in our choice. What we love or who we love intensely shapes our destiny.

Unconditional love is unconditional or dependent on the fulfillment of certain expectations. There are no expectations such that the loved one should reciprocate to the same extent or that they should conform to certain norms or desired behaviors. The best example is filial love.

Due to the absence of expectations or preconditions, there will be no regrets or disappointments when love is unconditional. However, we need to be careful that our unconditional love does not slide into excessive possessiveness or a loved one’s control mechanism.

While the primary benefits of love are a sense of security and purpose in life, love bestows several other hidden benefits like healing of wounds, robust overall health, a calm and fresh mind, an overall sense of happy life and an even longer lifespan.

The sacred and purest form of love is the love of God and his creation. Love should not be restrictive; it must flow freely to all with the belief that everyone and everything is nothing but the manifestation of the Almighty. We don’t need to love God with a precondition; He knows what is good for us and will provide for us.

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