Prince William and Kate Middleton’s PDA: What They Learned According to a Body Language Expert

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delighted fans by packing the PDA during a royal charity polo match in Windsor – but it turns out they were holding back.

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Stepping out alongside her husband, Kate Middleton offered him a sweet kiss on the cheek after losing the match.

The 40-year-old beamed as she opened her arms to embrace Prince William, who smiled back at her with his hands on her shoulders as they embraced.

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Although it seems relatively tame, such open displays of affection are rare for the royal duo and have sent fans into a tailspin.


Body language experts have since pointed to the “natural chemistry” between the pair in the new photos, even comparing them to young lovers in the snaps.

Even though it’s been decades since Kate and William first met and fell in love, expert Judi James says this latest outing proves they’re still ‘like a young couple on a first date’ .

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What betrays him? Kate was pictured looking flirtatiously at William’s lips and other snaps showed them walking with their arms around each other in comfortable privacy.

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“Their eye contact as they move closer to kiss him. This level of close eye contact shows a very loving relationship,” Judi told the Daily Mail.

” Persistence. Once the kiss is over, they linger in the more intimate and affectionate pose rather than breaking up quickly.

She explained that these gestures hint at the couple holding back on the PDA in public, suggesting they have a much more “tactile” relationship in private.

Fans also noticed how affectionate the couple were, commenting on social media that even after 11 years of marriage, Kate and William still had “the look of love”.

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Some have even claimed the Cambridges have outdone Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were recently pictured at a similar event in the US.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted at a polo match in California, with Meghan cheering on her husband from the touchline, where she stood in casual denim shorts.

Although they are usually very affectionate in public, the couple were not filmed kissing at the event, but instead spent time sitting together in the shade after Harry’s game.

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