Robin Roberts Praises Partner for Helping During Cancer Battle

Robin Roberts recently opened up about the breast cancer diagnosis of her partner of seventeen years, Amber Laign, sharing the challenges she faces as she takes care of her lover.

The pair have been romantically linked since 2005, but Roberts went public with their same-sex relationship in 2013.

The long date”Hello America” the anchor sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she updated fans on Laign’s condition and gave advice on medical checkups.

Robin Roberts Gets Candid About Difficult Time With Lover Amber Laign’s Cancer Fight


The show host took a moment to ask about Laign’s breast cancer diagnosis and how difficult it had been for Roberts. “I never talked about it much, but with you I will”, the “Peril” the host replied and then added:

“She’s fine, it’s great. And just what you said, I’ve gone through it twice, barely shed a tear. I’m a puddle every time I think about what runs through Amber, but she’s so brave and handles it extremely well.

She further mentioned that she was able to provide a “road map” for her lover with her experience as a cancer survivor.

Additionally, Roberts believes Laign guides her in her role as ‘caregiver’ and admitted she didn’t realize how ‘stuck’ she had been during the harrowing journey.

Roberts further said that her loving partner protects her and navigates for her, so she reciprocated the affectionate gesture. The guest star explained:

“Like many people, [Laign] had postponed going to the doctor during the pandemic, and last year she had a regular checkup, and it was discovered. So the message is, get those regular exams; it can save your life. And fortunately, the prognosis is good for her.

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Roberts brought to light new details about her sweetheart’s condition, revealing that Laign had to temporarily suspend treatment due to medical issues.

In an interview with ET, the TV broadcaster said, “She had complications with chemotherapy. They are working on it. We will understand. The prognosis is still very good. »

She admitted that Laign was discouraged by the obstacle of her treatment, but she was able to help the therapist through the difficult times.

“I was able to tell him, like most people [who] have gone through cancer [know], it happens. There are peaks and valleys, and we went through a valley, but it’s more of a peak right now, and I’m just grateful for all the love and support she’s been receiving. Roberts elaborated.

His book “Brighter day by day” also motivated her to get through the tough times, as the writing was “a guide to instilling hope and optimism in readers’ lives”.

The ABC star said: “I was struggling, and then I was like, ‘Robin, you’ve got this book. You’re talking to people about their valleys and how to get out of it, and so why don’t you just listen to your own words ?

She eventually followed through with the help of her book and developed the mindset of believing she had the strength to help Laign while bringing “positivity and encouragement” into their lives.

2012 Peabody Award winner shares news of partner’s cancer diagnosis

The year didn’t seem to start off so well for Roberts as she announced her partner’s breast cancer diagnosis in February, revealing that the chemotherapy process had begun.

The Blast reported that she shared a video on Twitter where she broke the sad news saying:

“My sweet Amber wanted me to tell you something she was dealing with. Late last year Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The surgery started the previous month, and luckily the prognosis was good. So, it seemed like things didn’t seem so bad.

Roberts thanked her lover and her lover’s close friends and family for respecting their privacy and keeping the news private until Laign was ready to release her condition to the public.

Along with the announcement came the news of his absence “from time to time” from “Hello America” as she would spend most of her time caring for her partner.

She further noted that many people are battling cancer and she will keep them in her prayers, hoping people will keep her and Laign in theirs as well.

Roberts never ceases to appreciate how supportive his significant other has been throughout their years together, especially when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and myelodysplastic syndrome in 2012.

She previously praised Laign for being her “loving caregiver” and promised to be there for her as she went through the distressing phase.