SAG France employees on indefinite strike facing the specter of bankruptcy filing

Some wanted it to be considered a year-old rumor, but Tuesday’s announcement went like a bomb. At L’Horme, the company SAG France, which specializes in the manufacture of tanks for heavy goods vehicles, It will lose its biggest customer, Renault Trucks. The contract is due to expire in September. This represents 80% of SAG France’s activity. Thierry Grand, of the CFTC, has the impression that he had. “We were always told: ‘Gentlemen, don’t worry, we are talking to Reno, the door is not locked. And to tell us now that Renault is over. Who cares about us!’explodes the representative of the guild.

According to the staff, nothing is being done to find a permanent solution. And the new president of SAG France, Patrick Beehler, appointed three weeks ago, is not reassured. “For me, the liquidator who is there was sent by the parent company.”Advanced Doulache Boualem Delegate FO. “He wants to file for bankruptcy in September, that’s all. On the other hand, the guys will have to hold out until September. But they don’t want that anymore! They know they are going to lose their jobs. They are frustrated!

We will pay for broken utensils.

You see the trade unions above all as a maneuver by the parent company in Austria which claims to cut off very unprofitable branches. Boualem Kali, of the CGT, thinks so An excuse to hide the bad business strategy of the group. “Our parent company made the mistake of raising prices with Renault trucks, and Renault took it with caution and said, ‘SAG, we’re taking it off the list!'”The union says. “So we are not responsible. But on the other hand, we will pay the piper.

The only hope is to find new customers before September to fill the order book. Until then, 84 employees say they are determined to continue the strike. In response to a question, the management of SAG France did not respond.