The Anna Heinrich license on her career, SAS Australia, and her husband Tim Robards

Lawyer and TV personality Anna Heinrich is best known for winning the first season of The single person. The 35-year-old, now married, talks about her arrival, career and life after the reality show.

Anna Heinrich: “The best thing about The Bachelor is that it forced me to know someone. I couldn’t run away and it allowed me to be much more open in relationships .Credit:Getty Images

They called my paternal grandfather, Imre, Nagyapa, who is Hungarian for grandfather. He was an accountant, a quiet man who liked to read. He asked my grandmother Gizella to marry him
the first day she met her; six months later, she did.

They fled Hungary in 1956 when my father, Les, was three years old. Before arriving in Sydney, they spent a year in an Austrian internment camp. Unfortunately, I didn’t know my grandfather very well because he died when I was three years old.

I adore my father. He’s been a bit of a joker all his life. It all started at Clovelly’s nursery school in Sydney, when he told his parents that the people there were idiots because no one spoke Hungarian. He didn’t know a word of English! He and my mother, Jude, have been married for 43 years.

My father graduated in arts, then studied law. At night he drove taxis. Even now, there are times when I’m like, “Daddy, can you take me to the airport?” And he does it with pleasure! I never wanted to do law, but I decided to after I got my arts degree. Dad never pushed me to become a lawyer, but I kind of followed in his footsteps.


Dad retired last year of the company where he had worked for 38 years. I definitely inherited his work ethic. I just finished working in law, but if I hadn’t met my husband, chiropractor Tim Robards [on The Bachelor], I probably would have stayed in that business for the rest of my life. I like stability and I don’t like jumping around and changing jobs.

My parents sent me and my sisters, Andrea and Charlotte, at Ascham Girls’ Private School in Edgecliff, Sydney, where I attended from Years 6 to 10. I was crazy about boys, but also a bit of a tomboy. Throughout my life, I always wanted to compete with men, to show that I could be as good as them.

I loved the pop band Hanson, and my first kiss was with a boy who looked like one of the three American brothers in the band. He lived in the building across from my family’s in Sydney. We went to kiss and he put his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t know what it was doing and shut it down quickly. I was quite young, maybe 12 years old.