The Golden Spoon Teaser: BTOB’s Sungjae Loses Jung Chaeyeon Once He Switched Life With Lee Jong Won

The released teaser video shows Sungjae (Lee Seung Cheon) and Jung Chaeyeon (Na Joo Hee) fighting against each other. Next, the golden spoon reflected and added meaning for a while, while Jung Chaeyeon’s “Lee Seung Cheon.” The sweet kissing scene between Sungjae and Jung Chaeyeon with the phrase saying, “I like it,” makes viewers’ hearts race.

On the other hand, when Sungjae and Jung Chaeyeon call each other and try to get closer, Lee Jong Won (playing the role of Hwang Tae Yong) presses Sungjae’s shoulder to stand up and approaches Jung Chaeyeon, sparking curiosity. Jung Chaeyeon said to Lee Jong Won, who was shoulder to shoulder with her, “Seung Cheon feels a little unfamiliar today,” but in Sungjae’s loving eyes, “Why has Tae Yong changed so much? ?”

At the end of the video, Sungjae said, “It’s not the Lee Seung Cheon you like.” “Even if it’s different!” What does this have to do with you? Seung Cheon is only Seung Cheon,” with Jeong Chaeyeon’s resolute line, the figures of Sungjae and Jung Chaeyeon lovingly gazing at each other were drawn, raising the viewer’s excitement index. Meanwhile, MBC’s new drama “The Golden Spoon” is set to premiere on September 23.

The drama follows Lee Seung Cheon (Sungjae) who is a high school student. His family is poor and he hates living in a poor environment. One day, he meets an old woman by chance. The old woman said to him, “If you buy me this golden spoon for $3, you can change your parents. You will have 3 meals with this golden spoon with someone your age and at their home. The parents of this person will then become your parents. Parents.”

Lee Seung Cheon buys the golden spoon from the old woman and eats 3 times at his friend Hwang Tae Yong’s place. Hwang Tae Yong’s father runs a big business. Soon, Lee Seung Cheon’s life changes.

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