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HYDERABAD: The recent ad for a jewelry brand begins with an insecure, unshaven young man being offered gold by his parents, and slowly shows his transformation into a beautiful and confident young woman. Bhima Jewelery’s captivating one-minute-and-forty-second video, “Pure as Love”, has been shattering stereotypes and the internet since its YouTube release on April 14 with over 6.15 million views. The ad featuring trans person and activist Meera Singhania traces the journey of a trans woman from childhood to marriage, as well as the unwavering affection and support of her family. Hyderabadis tells us why they like this ad.

Finally, there is an advertisement that can trigger the essential conversations around trans people. I loved how he beautifully portrayed that all they need is support and acceptance. Its premium brands use their reach and resources to take a stand on the hot issues facing our society.
-Anupama Dalmia, 38, writer, social influencer and serial entrepreneur

I loved this wonderful way to get this point across. Hardly anyone understands that trans marriages exist and that trans women are women. Throughout the video, they deliberately don’t show who she’s married to, again giving her a choice and not creating a generalization that trans women need to marry a man. This ad proves why it is important to pitch trans people to tell their own story
– Patruni Sastry, 29, drag performer and fluid person

Bhima Jewelery’s ad is as pure as its slogan – pure as love. There are two main reasons this ad stands out. First, he takes issue with the notion of jewelry ads featuring only cisgender women, and second, he didn’t make the blunder of hiring a cisgender to play the role of a transgender woman. It portrays the representation in a true sense.
-Shubha Pai, 21, student, UoH

Acceptance and inclusion are what everyone looks for the most and the advertisement perfectly shows that while showing jewelry is as pure as that emotion. Very well portrayed and executed, hitting the right strings of emotion and information.
– Prashant Singh, 29, digital marketing

Being a marketing student myself, I know how impactful a 10 second ad can have on a person’s mind. This ad is a beauty in its own way. It’s so important to normalize a lot of things, and accepting people’s sexuality and choices is number one on this list. This ad portrays him beautifully. Walking on a paved path is easy, but creating this path is difficult. I really hope others will be inspired by this announcement.
– Shruthi Chaganti, 24, Risk Investigator, Amazon

Absolutely awesome and truly inclusive video! The sensitivity to the subject that has been exemplified through this advertisement is something that must be emulated by other brands.
Vaibhav Kumar Modi, 32, catalyst for inclusion and co-founder,
Hyderabad Dance Festival

The ad seems to be slightly disconnected at first. While this brings a sensitive issue to the fore, it would have been much more meaningful and impactful with a little more context.
– Bandi Gayatri, 21, student, IIT-BHU

I find the announcement full of acceptance coming from a space of pure love. A teenager’s journey from finding her gender to finding a confident woman is beautifully described by relating it to the type of jewelry one wears at different stages of life. It also means that jewelry is for anyone who wants to embrace femininity in their own way. Femininity, love and beautiful jewelry are beyond any socio-cultural barrier. Such advertisements are a testament to greater harmony and inclusion in our Indian society.
-Alekhya Devarakonda, 22, PG student, HCU

– Tamanna S Mehdi
[email protected]

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