Top 19 books about love

We’re only months away from 2022, but it’s been a long year already – and if you’re reading this, you probably deserve a break. Maybe the holidays aren’t on the table yet, but there’s nothing like a steamy read to give your brain some rest and relaxation. If you have a few minutes to get carried away, consider these recent and upcoming romance-themed reads for a hot date with yourself.


Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

No matter the occasion, “certified hot mess” Eve Brown always finds a way to mess things up. When her loving but disappointed parents put her foot down, Eve sets out to prove she can hold down a job, only to end up hitting uptight (but disarmingly handsome) bed and breakfast owner Jacob Wayne with her car. As Eve tries to undo the damage by helping Jacob run his understaffed B&B, mostly against Jacob’s wishes, the two would-be enemies discover they have more in common than they first thought.



American Royalty by Tracey Livesay

When the reclusive Royal Prince Jameson is tasked with a posh tribute concert in honor of his late father, hiring a performer named Duchess seems like the obvious choice. But when “Duchess” (aka Danielle Nelson) turns out to be a wildly hot and unfairly gorgeous American rapper, Jameson must find a way to appease the Queen, while trying not to resist the intense attraction between him and Dani. .



Black Love Matters: Real Talk on Romance, Being Seen and Happily Ever Afters ed. Jessica P. Pryde

Ever since mass media has existed, romance has been a staple of storytelling, yet the vast majority of romance stories in popular entertainment are overwhelmingly white. Who better to push back against this paradigm than a star list of black writers, readers, and scholars? In this collection of essays, contributors such as Jasmine Guillory and Beverly Jenkins reflect on real and fictional representations of black love and the transformative power of a happy ending.



By Jasmine Guillory’s book

As the second book in Disney’s modern fairy tale series, Jasmine Guillory’s next release The beauty and the Beast is in excellent company. (To see If the shoe fits, also on this list, if you don’t believe me.) In this rendition, Izzy is an editing assistant tasked with coaxing a long-awaited manuscript from a particularly beastly author.



D’Vaughn and Kris plan a wedding by Chencia C. Higgins

Kris needs to take her influencer career to the next level, and D’Vaughn needs to date her family as quickly and painlessly as possible. So it’s no wonder they agreed to compete for the chance to win their dream wedding on the reality show. Instant i do-never mind the fact that they’re not actually dating. But as D’Vaughn and Kris race to plan their fake wedding in six weeks, the two soon discover that the chemistry between them is all too real.



Delilah Green doesn’t care about Ashley Herring Blake

After her father’s death, Delilah Green grew up with her frosty stepmother, Isabel, and step-sister, Astrid. So right out of high school, Delilah left town and never looked back. Twelve years later, Delilah is a professional photographer and Isabel hired her to photograph Astrid’s wedding. But as Delilah prepares for Return from Hell, she meets the one person who could possibly change the week for her: Astrid’s best friend, single mom Claire Sutherland…who also happens to be Delilah’s childhood crush.



Foreverland: On the Divine Boredom of Marriage by Heather Havrilesky

In this memoir-meets-manifesto, longtime “Ask Polly” columnist Heather Havrilesky turns her gaze to marriage, namely her own 15-year union. With a loving spirit, she recounts the ups and downs of one of society’s oldest institutions.



From Hollywood With Love: The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of the Romantic Comedy by Scott Meslow

If you’re more in the mood to analyze romance than read about it, Meslow’s oral history of the Hollywood rom-com is not to be missed. Offering interviews with the greatest directors, screenwriters and stars of the genre, From Hollywood with love follows the romantic comedy from its heyday in the late 1980s through its decline in the mid-2000s, and up to its current resurgence in the streaming era.



I’m So (Not) Above You by Kosoko Jackson

When Kian Andrews’ ex-boyfriend Hudson Rivers sends her an urgent text, Kian thinks Hudson wants to ask for a second chance at their relationship. Instead, Hudson wants Kian to pretend they’re still together while her parents are in town. When Kian reluctantly agrees, the two enter into what is meant to be a purely transactional arrangement, but before long their fake relationship begins to rekindle real feelings.



If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy

In Pellet author Julie Murphy’s charming and intelligent account of Cinderella—the first in a series of fairy tale tales planned by Disney—Cindy is an up-and-coming shoe designer who decides to embark on a Single-style reality show to promote his unfinished collection. But when the show’s main man turns out to be the sexy stranger she met on the plane to Los Angeles, Cindy must decide if she’s “here for the right reasons” after all.



Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

London Parker, the first openly non-binary person in the popular contest Chef’s specialty, have enough on their plate – like proving their dad wrong – without caring about Dahlia Woodson, the adorably goofy contestant posted in front of them. But as Dahlia and London grow closer, the two must decide what’s more important to each of them: winning or falling in love.



Not the Witch You Married by April Asher

Magicless witch Violet Thorne wants nothing to do with her teenage ex, Lincoln Thorne, but life has other plans. When Violet and Lincoln reluctantly agree to pretend to date to avoid breaking supernatural laws, old feelings begin to resurface – and with them, Violet’s magic.



A Night on Josie Silver’s Island

In Josie Silver’s sequel to One day in December, English magazine writer Cleo Wilder plans to do some much-needed soul-searching during her 30th birthday retreat to a secluded cabin on an island. But when it turns out the landlords accidentally booked Cleo for the same dates as an insufferable American named Mack Sullivan, the two are stuck spending a week together in a one-bedroom rental.



Ramón and Julieta by Alana Quintana Albertson

When celebrity chef Julieta Campos kisses a magnetic stranger on Dia de los Muertos, she falls head over heels – only to learn that her mystery man is none other than Ramón Montez, the son of the fast-food baron who stole the taco recipe. of his mother years since. As tensions rise as gentrification threatens their San Diego community, Ramón and Julieta will have to figure out how much they’re willing to sacrifice for love.



Alison Cochrun’s Charm Offensive

One of the two Single– inspired romances on this list, Alison Cochrun’s perfect debut follows Dev, a producer on Forever who is tasked with supervising Charlie Winshaw, the deeply socially awkward and incredibly handsome main suitor. But when sparks start to fly between Dev and Charlie, Dev’s dedication to his job clashes with his lifelong desire to find true love.



The Emma Project by Sonali Dev

In this gender-specific update on Jane Austen Emma, genuinely likeable playboy Vansh Raje is on a mission to make the world a better place, whether the world wants his help or not. His latest attempt: the ill-conceived (though well-meaning) Emma Project, which puts him on a collision course with his older brother’s ex-kind, Knightlina Kohli, and his microfinance foundation. Vansh and Naina’s struggle for funding quickly gives way to a friends-with-benefits arrangement that soon causes them both to reassess their preconceived notions of each other.



The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

The best-selling author of The Kissing Quotient and The bride test is back with another all too relatable love story, this one about a violinist struggling with burnout. After a grueling tour and an accidental viral video, Anna Sun is at her wit’s end. Then her boyfriend announces that he wants an open relationship. Fed up with everything, Anna goes looking for a one-night stand on a dating app, but her wild adventure soon turns into something much more substantial.



The Hardest Draft by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

It’s been four years since writing partners Katrina and Nathan split, supposedly forever. But the pair still have a pound in their contract, with their future both hinged on their success. Hoping to work magic together one last time, they retreat to the Florida cottage where they wrote their latest bestseller. Once there, however, they are forced to accept the reasons for their estrangement and the truth about the feelings that unite them.



Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour

For her debut novel for adults, acclaimed YA novelist Nina LaCour didn’t hurt: A Carol for our time, Yerba Buena is a sweet love story about two women trying to find each other in the middle of Los Angeles.


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