What time will The Family Chantel season 4 premiere? TLC’s show to explore the shift in Chantel and Pedro’s relationship dynamics

After three successful seasons, The Chantel family is set to return with an all-new season on TLC next week.

The 90 day fiance the spinoffs feature Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, who were one of those couples who stayed together even after the show ended. The couple continued to welcome viewers into their lives with The Chantel family.

The first three seasons dealt with Pedro and Chantel in love and dealing with their respective families. However, in the upcoming season, the dynamic of the couple’s relationship will change, which could eventually lead to a split.

The official synopsis of The Chantel family bed:

“Chantel and Karen are on pins and needles as Winter undergoes surgery; Pedro confesses to his mother that he has difficulties with Chantel; Nicole receives tough love from a trainer who helps her prepare for the pageant.

When The Chantel family Season 4 premiere?

The first episode of The Chantel family Season 4 is ready to air Monday, June 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET on TLC. The episode will also be available on the network’s website once it airs on the channel.

Those without access to the channel can opt for various TV service providers including DirecTV Stream, Sling, Philo, YouTube TV and Fubo TV.

What to expect from the new season?

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Going through previews and trailers, viewers can expect plenty of drama from The Chantel family Season 4. While Pedro and Chantel try to work on their relationship, the couple’s families will make it difficult for them.

Chantel’s mother, Karen, will blame Pedro for not treating her daughter properly. Pedro’s sister, Nicole, and mother Lidia, meanwhile, will crash Chantel’s family chat with Pedro.

In a preview, Nicole was seen throwing shade at Chantel and getting revenge by telling the titular star that Pedro cheated on her. Lidia then blamed her son for not taking his family’s side or being affectionate towards them. Later, Nicole came back and threw a drink in rage, forcing Pedro to call the cops on his own sister.

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Another promo clip featured Alejandro Padron, Nicole’s ex-boyfriend, who had a falling out with Pedro the previous season. He came to meet Nicole to convince her not to give up on their relationship. However, Nicole was considered disrespectful to her feelings. She threw away the flowers he had given her and said in a confessional:

“If my family weren’t in the middle, I would give Alejandro a second chance.”

In the same video, we saw Chantel talk about separation. She would question Pedro’s late work hours and come home drunk. She mentioned that Pedro had time to get his nails done with his co-workers, but didn’t even have a few minutes to take a short walk. Pedro was also seen complaining about Chantel on camera, saying he felt like family with his colleagues in his new job and that Chantel wouldn’t trust him.

In a confessional, Chantel said:

“Things between Pedro and me are not going well. I don’t know what, I don’t know.

She then added:

“I don’t want separation. I love it. At the end of the day, if this ends, I want people to say that I did everything I could.

The video ended with Chantel knocking on the door of Pedro’s mother’s house. Only time will tell if the couple will work their dynamics on the reality show.

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