When Sanjeev Kumar revealed his mother refused to accept Shabana Azmi as a wife because of her religion: ‘I should have left home’

In the recently released biography of Sanjeev Kumar, new details about his love life have been revealed. Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta and nephew of actor Uday Jariwala developed his personal affairs and how they connected with his prestigious career. There was a lot of speculation about his love and adoration for Saira Bano, Nutan and later Shabana Azmi.

However, the actor, born Harihar Jethalal Jariwala, was unlucky in love. The biography, “Sanjeev Kumar, the Actor We All Loved”, gives insight into the actor’s personal life who is remembered for his roles in films such as Sholay, Koshish, Angoor, Khilona and Aandhi.

According to the book, Sanjeev Kumar once professed affection for Shabana Azmi. The biography details a 1979 interview with Stardust, where Kumar said their relationship could have evolved into a marital covenant, if his mother hadn’t given up. He said if he married Shabana he would have had to leave his house and that was unthinkable for him. “I had known Shabana longer than I had known any other girl in the movies. Previously, I had worked on stage with her mother Shaukat. When I first knew Shabana, she didn’t wasn’t in the movies yet. What she felt for me at that time must have been just puppy love, but it might have resulted in an alliance with me if my mom hadn’t put her foot down firmly My mother, tolerant in other respects, was adamant about her refusal to accept a Muslim bahu – if I had married Shabana, I would have had to move and that is something I would never do,” had- he says.

In the biography, Uday recounts his visits to Shabana Azmi’s house for Holi celebrations. He said that after Kumar’s death, while collecting his memories, he found Shabana Azmi’s “loving” letter among some carefully preserved fan mail.

Before Shabana Azmi, there was another Muslim girl whom her mother opposed. The biography mentions his “first love”, where Kumar once said it was the first time he fell “seriously in love”. Hari said in a 1973 interview: “Until I was 26, I never touched a girl. The first time I fell deeply and seriously in love was around this time. I wanted more than anything to marry her. I would have married her. But she was a Muslim girl. If I was my mother’s youngest son, I would have said hell to the world and married her… She went through hell raising four kids without my dad. While he had worked extensively with Kumkum and Nazima, there was a lot of speculation that it could have been Saira Banu. His make-up artist Sarosh Mody said in 1982: “Every woman Sanjeev loved and yearned for him, abandoned him, leaving him dry. His ego is terribly hurt. Sanjeev suffers from a kind of complex. Luck never worked in his favor. He loved them all. Saira, Nutan and Hema. Maybe with Saira it was just infatuation and he misunderstood her.